Tan Lines: Hello I'm Clo!

Hello I'm Clo!

I've had to take a few days off work and college due to a re-occurring, pesky eye infection. I'm feeling a little run down and lethargic and have a very exciting, important and unique weekend ahead so it's important i'm well rested and on the top of my game!

I've been kicking back and watching some old films like 'Just friends' and 'Just Married' as well as watching an abundance of awesome travel vlogs on YouTube. There are so many! I hope to document my holidays and adventures abroad through vlogs later on this year. I think it would be rather cool to document the adventures on the internet. 

Finishing up my book was also rewarding! I've been wanting to finish it for a while, however with so much going on reading wasn't particularly high on the list of priorities. So i'm onto a new book tonight 'Tan Lines' features in my latest book haul video from this weeks 'SwapShop' series.

Whilst being at home i've had time to find a nifty pasta bake recipe for uni and got old photographic lighting out of the loft to try out and use at night so i'll be able to film make up tutorials even when the sun isn't out! I'm finding the sun in the UK to be very unpredictable and I can't film when it rains because of the noise, which makes filming in good light without rain and not in the middle of the day because of the glare very difficult when I'm trying to fit in everything else!

Life goes on and all that!

You can check out that video here and as ever I shall let you know how I get on with the book!

Here are the rest of the swap shop videos!

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