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Hello I'm Clo!

Today, whilst flicking through and catching up on Company Magazine I had the realization of just how many bloggers and YouTubers there are on this planet. There are, a lot.

This revelation got my mind questioning. And this post transpired...

When people find out I blog and YouTube they disregard what I study and what I do as my day job. It's as if you're not contributing, or you're "Faffing on the internet" you're a no one if you don't have 200k plus readers or 1M average monthly video views. A few weeks ago I actually wrote about a woman who remarked that all kids these days 'do YouTube' which I, personally resent that comment.


It's a case of one shoes doesn't fit all.

Now, I don't want anyone taking this post the wrong way, this is after all, my opinion (Which, ironically is forever getting me into trouble!) and as far as academia goes, I can't talk I have no GCSEs. So I won't be enrolling into something hard core academic any time soon!

Some of the biggest beauty YouTubers in the UK have no formal beauty qualifications, yet they've worked hard to earn their stripes within the industry over a period of time, they've researched and really got involved in finding out what they need to know. They don't just wake up one day and think- "I'm going to talk about green concealer today! "

That said,I am a very strong believer in taking professional advise, you wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor for medical advise, so why take beauty and make up application advice from someone who is not professionally trained or for that matter has no history or traction in the industry?

It takes time to build an online family, especially when you're the new kid on the block, people have to trust you first before they start lapping up your recommendations and advice.

It's odd to think people upload a video online and honestly believe they're going to be as big as the cult of British YouTubers overnight. They write about Cara D and they're going to bag her as a new BFF.

Another question I always get asked is;
"What makes you different?"

There are tones of 'Beauty Gurus' *cringe* online and specifically on YouTube and it's like Dan Is Not On Fire said in his latest video with Casper Lee "it's never been easier and it's never been harder to get out there."
After all, free equipment and software is available with just a click of a button.

Everyone sees blogging and Youtubing as some sort of massive competition, which I think is completely wrong. I love sharing things I've learnt, things that I think will help others and generally having a chat.

I also think it's a waste of time seeing everything as a competition as what makes us different is the fact that we're all individual and have our own thing going on. We've all got different styles, accents and backgrounds and I really think people should talk about what they know.

Talking about being you; here is my YouTube Trailer! 


So those were my thoughts today! 
Speak tomorrow,
Love you lots!

Clo : -))

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