A Naked Lunch : Hello I’m Clo

A Naked Lunch : Hello I’m Clo

Hello! I’m Clo today I’m chatting about Naked Lunch, not literally obviously that would be rather raucous. I’m talking eye-shadow, MAC cosmetics eye-shadow to be precise.  So I went into Selfridges in Birmingham in order to kill some time before my commute into London. Their beauty floor (Floor 3) is a vision, an absolute haven for fellow make up and beauty fanatics actually, come to think of it Selfridges is a bloggers haven full stop.  I love the bright lights and individual designer counters. It’s a source of inspiration and a burden to the bank balance. I headed straight to the MAC counter as I knew what I wanted to look at. Bare in mind I got to Selfridges when they were opening and pulling back the metal grids and by the time I’d dragged my suitcase up the escalator to floor three MAC was already buzzing with people. 

What I really like about MAC is the vibe, the people and the buzz they bring to their workplace. Lots of the MUAs were already busy seeing people and showcasing make up so I asked one of the girl at the counter to show me exactly what I wanted instead of looking at 20 odd beige / nude/ taupe colours in order to find the one I was looking for ‘Naked Lunch.

The lady behind the counter wasn’t wearing a name badge, however from her confidence I presume she was the manager. She wore a bright purple lip colour that simply made her look. Purples look incredible on darker skin tones, my friend Popping really can rock a purple, so jealous. The lady showed me over to the shadow and make up pigment section and showed my ‘Naked Lunch’ which has a frost finish and is simply perfect for what I’m looking for. When asked what I was looking for my response was quite funny, or at least she thought it was!

I want something that looks like I’ve just woken up and makes me look effortlessly FABULOUS.

After laughing about my bravado to the world, I swatched the colour. Bang on, totally what I needed, a lift colour but in no way heavy or ‘Try to hardy’ It has a frost finish so comes with a little shine / bounces light.

The only negative of this MAC trip visit was when I didn’t buy anything, the woman just sort of wondered off.  I was with my Purple suitcase and clearly wasn’t ready for a make over.  Neither was I ready to tell her how I was popping to Harrods after my meeting in London to pick up some bits so I’d get it there; what a faf to tell that anecdote just typing it was difficult. I just feel she could have carried through a little better that’s all. She doesn’t know what I buy and if I’m a blogger or not. You should treat ever customer the same regardless of the way they act. The customer should always feel valued and wanted. 

Other than that the colour is my new staple! I’m going to make the effort to wear mineral powder as a base and then ‘ Naked Lunch’ on my eye lids in order to look presentable at all times and not pasty white or dowdy. Fun and fabulous.

The title of the product also just sells it that little bit more, I'm a sucker for a bit of clever marketing! 

I'll probably do an updated 'Understated' make up look for you guys on my YouTube channel soon so make sure you subscribe so you get it! 

Have a great day and I'll speak to you tomorrow! 

Love you lots,

Clo : -)
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