A Truly British Spring Clean : Hello I'm Clo

A Truly British Spring Clean : Hello I'm Clo 

A Truly British Spring Clean 
How you feel better emotionally and physically once you've had a spring clean and a
de-clutter is just fabulous!

So, this week i'm on a break from college before I go back for my final few weeks (EEK! i'll soon be a fully qualified MUA!) With me going to uni and what not, my parents have decided it's time to downsize and move house which meant that my first few days of my 'Holiday' were assigned to tidying and clearing out old 'Stuff' in order to make it easier to move house and ultimately, move into a more confined space when at uni (Halls, dreading it yet exciting!)
My mum is also on this crusade to move house before i spread my wings and fly so that I always feel I have a home and roots. She says it's a mother instinct and feeling. Perhaps i'll know what she's on about later on in my life!

So with polish in one hand, bin bags in the other and a hoover between my legs I set about the mammoth task to re-organise and de-clutter my bedroom. My bedroom is in the attic and is like a mini studio, My YouTube viewers will know what it looks like! I like to change it round everyonce in a while as I have the ability to move furniture and my bed. I think I like trying new things! I think the entire time i've been YouTubing I've had four room changes! Not to mention when i'm filming at Nans!

This is where this post gets a little whacky.... I'm into plants and Fung Shui, I also believe in energy fields and attracting the things you want into your life. I feel that my life needs a spring clean and as I sleep in my room every night I don't want to be sleeping in things that are briniging me down or within negative energy. (If i've lost you, I'm sorry!)
Given this challenge to re-do my room, I saw it as the perfect time to really go for it once and for all. This was a perfect opportunity.

A happy home has a happy cat!

After three long days of sorting, recycling and de-cluttering my bedroom now looks like it belongs in a magazine. Don't get me wrong, my bedroom wasn't a complete mess to start with, It simply needed to be refined and defined!  My room is pretty much divided into four sections; Office, Beauty, Wardrobe and Living and the bed is smack bang in the middle. Everything just feels so much better and I feel as if I've burnt off about 1,000,000,000 calories in the process!

I highly recommend throwing open the windows and having a good clean, it makes everything better. If you feel you're in a rut, the best thing to do is to get pro-active about your life and start with your living environment. 

The cat is happy furthermore now she has a blanket over my bed all to herself. 

Before now i've never cared for this British tradition of 'Spring Cleaning' but I'm now a firm believer! I think i'll do it each and every season!

I've been asked before to do a room tour and perhaps now I will! Keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube for homey related videos!

Let me know if you've done a Spring Clean and if it was worth it! 
Speak tomorrow,
Love you lots,

Clo : -))

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