Colour and Moisture: Hello I'm Clo

Colour and Moisture : Hello I'm Clo

Colour and Moisture 
Can we have both a lip colour and lip moisture simultaneously? 
It's what women want but can what's available meet our high standards?

After years of struggling applying lipstick to a wonky and weakly lined lip, I turned to my last resort: Tinted lip balms. Primarily to add a little colour and give a more 'Alive' appearance. I've found my 'Last Resort' should in hindsight been my first port of call. Lip balms, tinted and colour boosters are now my go to lip colour staple, due to their pigment being strong but not so strong that it defines and highlights my lip difference.  I find tinted products easier to manipulate and work with. They're easy to remove when you make an error and are not so stubben as lipsticks, I also find that the tint lasts despite the numerous cups of coffee I devour throughout the day! (Coffee is mandatory!)

For people in a similar situation to me (Welcome fellow lip loathers!) I find using a Cotton Bud (Q-Tip) is great for moving tinted products into the little gaps and helps fill empty space without drawing attention to the lip shape itself (If that made any sense what so ever! If so Hurray!)

One product i've discovered that I really like is from the brand 'Palmers' that i've mentioned in a couple of previous posts SEE HERE. I really like their stuff, it loves my skin and for that I love it back! Palmer's Lip Balm in Dark Chocolate & Black Cherry is simply divine!
It was difficult to get used to at first as tinted balms are different from lipsticks and different to balms. I can't describe why, they just are. After I got over that hurdle i really started to enjoy using it. It keeps my lips norished and in tip-top condition as well as adding a little brightness to my otherwise bare make up face on a day off or as a little addition if not completion of a day make up.

For a couple of £$ its well worth giving it a try if you have combination to normal lips. If you have super dry lips it's probably best you treat your lips with something a little more nourishing like a balm or gel as this is in a stick formula and could potentially be drying after a while and no one wants bitty lips!

The red colour is really natural and gives an 'English Rose' appearance. It holds well and suits many different day make up looks.

I always remove my lip balm from my lips if I am re-applying make up for an evening as I don't want other make up products to by drying and make things flaky. It's better to just start a fresh. I also wouldn't wear this as an evening solution as it isn't bright or bold enough! That being said, i often re-apply very late at night and sleep in it, purely for the nourishing factor - no one needs lipstick when they're sleeping! It must be said though, when I wake up in the morning my lips feel fabulous and more often than not still have a tint! - Bonus.

Overall this balm has a lot of +'s and lots of benefits! The SPF 15 is always good even in the bad old British weather and the Vitamin E aspect is also great. I feel that Palmers are onto a winner with this balm as it offers more than others as well as a great pigmented staple red colour.

I can't wait to try this out in another flavor!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
Speak to you tomorrow!
Lots of love,

Clo :- ))

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