Confidence A Working Title, A Working Concept : Hello I'm Clo

Confidence A Working Title, A Working Concept : Hello I'm Clo

Hello! I'm Clo and today I'm talking about confidence, specifically confidence when it comes to people we're attracted to or people we'd like to get to know (Wink, Wink) I'm talking MEN.

Last night I went out to celebrate my friend Laura's 19th Birthday (Happy Birthday Lau!) Whilst taking time out from the dance floor in order to let our feet re-cooperate; I noticed a lad within a group standing close by who struck me as handsome and just had a natural essence of beauty, in the most manly way possible. 

I was with Poppy and Abbie at the time and I told them that I thought he was attractive. Poppy said go over and introduce yourself. We joked about handshaking and stupid ways to grab peoples attention and discussed a concept that Abbie had found on Pinterest where people give others an
'I find you attractive' 
card and they pass it on to someone they find attractive and so on and so forth. I'd also read recently about paying people compliments even if you don't know them. It can be as simple as paying a girl in a club about the way she's styled her hair or worked an awesome trend. It's just a nice idea of a cute gesture that could make someones day. 

Back at the table I said how it's odd that even the most confident of people loose their nerve when it comes to other peoples beauty / essence / flare. There was no way I was about to get into a crowd of people to rock up to a stranger and tell them I found them attractive... Or so I thought! The attractive lad disappeared and I instantly felt regret that I hadn't had the nerve to go up to him. I'm fabulous and I live by that self affirmation - so why couldn't I go and pay someone a compliment. Poppy said I should have done it as Abbie watched on observing everything. As soon as he went past again I found myself getting an adrenalin kick. Before I knew it I was out of my seat declaring
"Bollocks to this" 
I made my way into a packed club room to find someone I don't know, to tell them they're attractive. What. On. Earth!?  I found the Lad, tapped him twice on the shoulder and lent into his ear:
"I just wanted to say how attractive and handsome you are"
 and with that I walked away but paused just long enough for him to say back:
 "Thank you, you're really beautiful too." 

Funny, as he hadn't looked at my face but polite all the same. So to the boy in the club wearing the 'Hell 00' shirt, thank you for allowing me to get out of my comfort zone! I had no other intention, I just wanted to let him know. The way I see it is if he had self esteem issues or anything else on his mind for that matter, he'd instantly feel better by being complimented by a stranger, I know I would and did later on in the night. I felt like I'd done my deed for the day but I ended up having a great time and making lots of people happy by just being me and being nice. We really should make the effort to be nicer to people. 

The girls were in stitches when I told them and couldn't believe that I'd done it. It just proves nothing stops you doing something like you do yourself. Don't let your pride get in the way. 

To summarise; Never ever feel someone or something is out of reach, just be fabulous and let the adrenalin of the moment push you through- what have you got to Loose?  Your life dosen't depend on this moment! You never know where it could take you though!

I'm going to pay my compliments to more people from now on, regardless of who they are! Be polite, be nice and confident as as far as personal confidence goes, you have to fake it till you make in order to be fabulous.

I'll leave it at that,

Speak tomorrow,

Love you lots,
Clo :-))

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