Feeling Flawless : Hello I'm Clo

Feeling Flawless : Hello I'm Clo

*Note When i wrote this post I was using a mac tester pot. Since writing i've bought the full size - hence the pictures!

Hello! I'm Clo and today I'm feeling kinda flawless. I don't want to blow my own trumpet too loudly but it must be noted that I am feeling fresh, free and flawless. Despite my ranty antics when it comes to foundation tones and shades today I've found one that suits my skin and really brings out all of my very best features. At Harrods a few weeks ago I picked up a sample from their mega MAC counter with one of their new colour matchy foundations Mac Master in shade 01 to try (different to the other shade number , I know) 01 is the lightest. I'm not usually one for colour match claims or bb or even cc creams as I'm yet to find one that 'wows' me! Hence why I only picked up the mac sample and secretly, between me and you I'm trying to try out EVERYTHING MAC has to offer via samples. I want to know it all and if I can't own it, the closest I'll get is knowledge after trying it out so I'll know what Is a must buy when I have the dollar.

First and foremost I love, love, love the MAC Cosmetics sample packaging. The make up artists/ sale assistants even write down what you try on the bottom what shade and which product you tried out which is very handy! Remember when they used to write it on a piece of paper and you'd loose it and be lost as to which shade you needed? Yeah, me too so this method alleviates this issue.

After I'd got over my lust for the packaging I opened up the lid. The liquid looked just like that, very liquidy but full of high pigment that provides all the colour. I decided to dab my freshly washed fingers into the lid to just gather the excess liquid and patted it into the skin which was already prepared with 17 primer to fix it down to help create that flawless look. I worked section my section patting the liquid into my skin. The colour was bang on and the texture bearable considering it's liquidy look liquid formulation. It was very easy to work with and apply. Once it was lightly covered on my face I brought the product down to my neck and side, (which was effortlessly easy and blended with my natural colouring without effort ) for once it was nice to feel confident in my own skin with foundation on, all too often I find tab lines and discrepancies make me feel less confident than no make up because I feel like I've done a half job. I will feel like this no more! I even used my egg sponge over the top using the stippling motion to lock in and perfect. It was nice to get compliments from my biggest face critic; my mum when I went down the stairs as appose to "blend more, the lighting isn't dark enough to hide that line." Etc. today it was "Wow that really suits you and brings out your very best features. Like a porcelain doll. Natural and just how make up should be - natural and enhancing without being cakes. The orange look does no one any favours.

What shocked me most was the tiny, tiny amount that was needed in order to cover my entire face. Friends had previously said how little was needed and I was shocked at just how much wear I could get out of one sample pot - crazy amounts! I'd say 7 wears out of just one same pot. I think discovering this has helped me reason with my inner bank account and I can now see how I could justify such an expensive purchase the bottle would last FOREVER. I actually think I have quite a lot of surface to cover for a face, friends differ but all the same; it doesn't need to be war and peace on your face.

I may have found my ultimate foundation people. Let me know what you use in the comments below!
Match master has SPF 15 and is £27 a bottle. It is a liquid foundation with a pump and is available online and in stores as well as beauty counters!

So that's my little contribution to the internet today! I'll speak to you tomorrow, have a great day.

Love you lots,

Clo : -))

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