Hard As Nails: Hello I'm Clo

Hard As Nails: Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

As regular readers will have gathered, last week wasn't my best. I was a bit of a wreck really, in the most together way possible! Because of the stress of life and the boredom of the eye infection I somehow found myself biting my nails. I haven't been a nail biter in years, since I was a child. Now I'm an adult and more educated in the thing we call 'Life,' I find when I'm tired or run down for prolonged periods of time I'm more prone to eye infections, mouth ulcers and biting my nails! Last week just highlighted this hypothesis! 

About a month ago I had my nails done twice. The first was a botched hard gel nail overlay and the second a much better, well presented set of pink soft gel overlays. I loved my Gel nails, the look, feel and confidence it provided me with. They provided the feeling of a matching set of super cute underwear, but proudly viable to the world.  
(Perhaps that's a girl feeling!?
The only down side of these gorgeous looking gel nails were getting them off. The first set had to be removed by two people, which took an hour. That hour also took with it half of my ring finger skin on my left hand. 
(Ouch, yes it hurt!) 
The second time I had to do an 'At home' job. Which basically meant I spent a good 2 hours buffing gel, layer by layer off my natural nail. I had to take them off because of college. You can't have colour, gels or acrylic on your nails as you could catch people when you're applying their make up. 
(Fair dos)

Since taking the gel off about three weeks ago my nails were fine, until last weekend I applied a coat of everyday budget/ drugstore nail varnish. I don''t know if my nails are in a transitioning period since the change in texture or if the product I used is dodgy but since then, my nails have been chipping, layers falling and are a little brittle. Then again, it could have been the harsh chemical remover that stripped my nails. Could have been a multitude of nail related sins. Then I began biting them! They've now gone from hot to trot, to down in the dumps. With this in mind I took action! Applying a clear coat of nail hardener in order to create a barrier to stop infection, potential chipping and me biting them! I'm less likely to bite with this nail coat on as it tastes super funny! I've also bought the Number 7 'Perfect' nail varnish in clear base coat and clear top coat in order to kick start my nail rehab!

My Solution!
I'm going to harden my way back to nail health! Adding a coat of nail hardener every couple of days, then once I'm seeing a positive sign of improvement I'll step it up a gear and apply a clear coat or perhaps a gloss if I want to spice things up!

In the mean time, I'm trying not to look at my nails or bite them for that matter!
Have you guys ever found your nails change? - Let me know in the comments below if they do so I don't feel like such a random alien!!

Have a great day,
Love you lots!

Clo :- ))

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