Iron Fist Shoe Collection | Hello I'm Clo

Iron Fist Shoe Collection | Hello I'm Clo
So this is my Iron Fist Shoe collection! It features high heels, platforms, flats, brogues, wedges and booties!
I had so much fun filming this video inspired by Lily Pebbles and Claire Marshall! If you feel inspired please do make your own and link it in the comments below!
Shoes Featured:
1st Pair: Iron Fist Indecent Obsession Strawberry Brogues
2nd Pair: Iron Fist Society Suicide Heels
3rd Pair: Iron Fist Jacked Up Platforms
4th Pair: Iron Fist Bite Me Booties
5th Pair: Iron Fist All Star Platforms
6th Pair: Iron Fist Gold Star Wedge
7th Pair: Iron Fist Pink Fridays
8th Pair: Iron Fist Queen Of Hearts Wedge (Not normally worn with tights!)

Music :
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