Make Up Wipes The Wipe Off Trend : Hello I'm Clo

 Make Up Wipes The Wipe Off Trend : Hello I'm Clo

Hello! I'm Clo and today is all about the growing trend of wipes and make up wipes in the UK. I was doing some online research a few weeks ago (Not related to this topic) When I came across Superdrug's 'Press Centre' for bloggers, like me. It's not updated very often (Shame on you Superdrug) but it does have some great snippets of beauty and make up information. This little slice of information I found pretty much fueled the rest of this post. It really surprised me how lazy we're getting and how complacent we're becoming about our skincare regime. Are our beauty standards slipping?
"Superdrug sales show time stretched Brits are moving to a wipe on, wipe off beauty routine as recent figures show sales of cleansing wipes have doubled (when compared to 2013). Wipes were once the preserve of the baby changing table but in today’s household you’re likely to find wipes in every corner of the home and it is the beauty routine which has seen the biggest change.
Superdrug sells wipes for every part of a beauty routine including those to apply fake tan, wipes to correct fake tan mistakes, or remove hair colourant marks after a home dye, wipes impregnated with insect repellent, and wipes with deodorizing properties. Wipes to remove eye make-up or nail polish are incredibly popular but it is the all- encompassing cleansing wipe which is seeing sales double."

Although we always have those times where we're pushed, on a deadline and need to do things ASAP, quickly and ultimately need things done yesterday. I never, ever compromise my skin care regime in order to fuel a quick make up fix. For example: last weekend I went out for my friend Laura's 19th Birthday (See the blog post here). It was a long night that became a very early morning. We rocked up at Laura's at 4 in the morning. Although the last thing I wanted to do was wash my face or get out my beauty kit I had no choice. My face looked like this: The make up had to come off.

Sleeping with it on was just not an option. You wouldn't sleep in a club so why leave the club on your face!?
I used my ever faithful Boots Number 7 Make Up Remover wipes until they were pretty much ginger, then used a facial scrub in order to remove the rest of my make up residue. I never like the feeling of having left over make up on my face or the tacky, sticky after feel of cleanser on top of make up. I think it's like most things; personal preference.

I'm not against wipes I just think we're becoming a little lazy. I only use one type of make up remover wipes and they fulfill all my make up needs.  As a MUA I get a lot of product on my face and my clients faces; it's tonnes easier to remove the first couple of layers of make up and product off with wipes then concentrate on more tricky areas with warm water and cleansers. I always have wipes in my kit they're great for fixing the odd mishap or uneven line.  I even baby wipes in my kit as they stop things getting messy and clean up any spillages quickly and efficiently. There really is nothing worse than having eyeliner pencil draw on anything and end up on pretty much everything you touch in your make up collection! Baby wipes for me alleviate problems.

My be-all and end-all Gospel / Bible wipes are Number 7's at boots. They are amazing. I can't beat them and neither can any other brand. They're mid price range at £7.00 for 30 wipes.  They remove everything from airbrush alien make up, waterproof mascara to late night 'Party Animal' make up that's running down your face at 3am on a Monday morning, trust me, I've been there!  The wipes are from their 'Beautiful Skin' collection and are suitable for all skin types and are hypo -allergic tested wipes.

I'll be the first to admit, I never buy them at full price. I use the boots vouchers that comes around periodically throughout the year where you get £5 off skincare, which includes these wipes meaning they're only £2 which is a bargain! They usually sell out pretty quickly because everyone's caught on to the deal. It's fair to say I go mental on the wipes when the offer comes up I mean just look at this pile!

They're just everything you'd want in a make up wipe and they don't smell funny either, like many other make up remover wipes. I can see the benefit of make up remover wipes, however i'll never use them on their own. I always cleanse and tone as well as moisturise after using wipes otherwise my skin just feels ew. Nothing will ever replace warm water and a gentle face wash for giving that clean, fresh and precise facial finish. I'll never get to the point where I use wipes as a cleanser - put it that way!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Are you and avid wipe user? Can you convert me!? or just let me know what your favorites are and what you'd recommend!

Speak tomorrow,
Lots of love,

Clo :)

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