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Never late for the party.

 Cheeky little 'selfie' in the Westbury Mayfair toilets! (Classy bird here!)

Whilst trying on my gorgeous, dark, rich, navy blue jumpsuit last night in order to try on some new shoes and styling pieces  to create new season looks I realized how versatile a Global Babe jumpsuit really is and just how much I’d be lost without it.

We see it online, twitter and in magazines; all about how great it is to have one garment that creates endless different looks, however with a Global Babe jumpsuit you can change your look as quick as you change your mind. Say you're out for drinks with friends or have come straight from work, as a group you decide to go to a dinner or party. If you're wearing everyday clothes you'd perhaps feel uncomfortable at the thought of looking out of place or being underdressed. With my Global Babe magic fabric jumpsuit, I never have that problem. Regardless of colour I could make it work. I'd simply go to the closest rest room and re- think, adjust my jumpsuit look for something that is more suitable for the occasion, sleeves, no sleeves, backless or halter neck. I'd then turn to my make up bag for a sweep of red lipstick and perhaps a darker eye make up look and if I have some jewellery spare (I'm never without my accessories!) I'd style and complete my look. Being able to alter my outfit as opportunities come my way allows me to really live in the moment. It's a free feeling knowing that I'm dressed for any occasion. I'll never be late to the party because I can't choose what to wear! 

A girl has to feel empowered as she does prepared. I wouldn't and couldn't be without my Global Babe jumpsuit - I wouldn't know what to wear and would be late for everything!

Speak tomorrow,
Love you lots!

Clo :- ))

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