Press Day: Hello I’m Clo

Press Day: Hello I’m Clo

Hello! I’m Clo and today I’m telling you all about my recent and first ‘Proper’ press day. I’ve been press before but not in a ‘Let me show you around’ way. I got the best of both worlds with this one and saw two sides of the story. I was invited along and put on the guest list by Fiona, from Global Babe as I am one of the brands international ambassadors, she also put me on the list as a blogger, as well as an ambassador. 

I arrived after a squished journey with Virgin and being hot under the collar as well as overcoming the stressed caused by the closeness that had just occurred between myself and a strangers leg. Tres awkward. I caught the tube from Euston and within twenty minutes I was outside, opposite The Ritz in Mayfair. After goggling exactly where I was supposed to be and headed on foot in my new Supergr trainers that screamed FASHIONISTA. 

 ( I don't know what's up with my feet in this picture, my foot circulation is fine! I promise!)

I found the hotel the event was being held at quite easily actually, I detoured and didn’t follow the map, as usual. Some things never change. Come to think of it I made really good time! I was an hour earlier than scheduled and headed straight to the rest room when I arrived at the Westbury then after a sweep of lipstick I was ready to go.

When you go to a press day they have a guest book, very much like a wedding where you put who you are and who you write for. I signed in and greeted Fiona and began my task as ambassador! I talked about skincare and the way in which a Global Babe sunhat protects your face, neck and shoulders from harmful sun rays and is the first hat ever to be approved by the Australian skin protection agency. I met lots of amazing and enthusiastic bloggers and free-lance writers as well as stylists. It was quiet, then it would get super busy really, really quickly. It was great to meet the people behind the blogs and experience the event from different perspectives.

Although the event was great for meeting new people and talking about something that can prevent skin cancer as well as make you look fabulous in a multiwear-way Jumpsuit, I also experienced the side of fashion people talk quietly about in case they offend anyone or make a bad name for themselves or others within the industry.  
The bitchiness was clear. I had one woman point blank ignore me. So incredibly rude and I had another tell me that no one knew who I was or why I was there; she pretty much tore me apart then dropped the conversation as soon as Grazia Magazine arrived. 
I can’t wait to put that woman in her place with success and kindness .Out of principle I will not purchase that brand and I won’t name them as they do not deserve the promotion. I strongly believe we should treat each other as equals. Regardless of whether the magazine is big or small, the blogger is ‘YouTube Famous’ a ‘Guru’ or has ten subscribers; everyone should be treated the same. Everyone deserves respect and everyone has to start somewhere. I could be the next Tanya Burr for all she knows! Actually, the same woman told me I couldn’t have a bag because they were for ‘Press’ I took a bag anyway. What can I say!?

I also overheard a conversation of another woman who was discussing her dislike of bloggers within the industry. I just don’t get this narrow minded view. Bloggers make PR and Press people’s jobs easier, not to mention the brands! Blogger; large or small bring things to peoples attention and help emerging brands break into the market. She also disregarded the fact some bloggers get paid. A teacher wouldn’t teach for free so why expect a blogger to? She also said there was no way you could make a living from blogging. Tell Michele Phan that.

Perhaps it’s age or the development in technology, maybe it’s a mixture of them both. The advancement of tech may make others who rely on more traditional methods of PR unsure of what’s coming next career wise so they do what anyone does in that situation, Rebel, Disregard and talk utter rubbish. New blood is running through social PR veins.

PR interns feel they have to prove something so act like they’re above everyone and many editors of women’s magazines hold themselves very differently again, as if they’re better; once they’re broken down, chatted to, they relax but on the surface they’re very guarded. It really is the great divide between free-lancers, bloggers and editors.

Despite these issues, nothing ever gets in my way, in fact I go out of my way to help others who choice to be spiteful. They can’t handle that. I’m naturally a helpful person and if a job needs doing I get stuck in and that’s exactly what I did, there’s no point in sitting and watching someone struggle with something when you can help. 

In contrast, I found the staff at the Wesbrury very helpful and kind, they went out of their way in order to help us. Drinks were available throughout the day and there was plenty of food available from afternoon tea to a range of ham as well as sushi nearing the end of the day. It was all very ‘Society’ people! 

When going around from brand to brand we were told about the brand, its consumer and what its specialty was. We weren’t shown around every single stand which allowed us to roam free. It was all very casual you could look at anything and speak to the designer if they were there or their independent PR rep. It was fun seeing new brands and new concepts. The clothing wasn’t 100% my thing, it’s luck of the draw whether it’s bang on your style but the make up and shoes made up for it!

At 6pm it was time to pack up. It’s very different when the press have gone home and everything gets dismantled. People still think fashion is glamorous 100% of the time the reality is not Devil Wears Prada, though many act like it is!

I feel overall I benefited from the event, I met some lovely people like Tona from Suitcase magazine and the people from Lace Face. Life is full of funny people and you find these people by funny experiences!

I hope this post has read as positive as possible as I’m not one for negativity but I can’t bare the thought of people not getting the real story of the world of fashion.

Speak tomorrow with another, more positive vibe full post!

Have a great day,
Love you lots,
Clo :- ))

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