The Classic White T-Shirt: Hello I’m Clo

The Classic White T-Shirt: Hello I’m Clo

-I rather Ironically write this post on a train after I’ve just split hot chocolate down the front of my freshly pressed crisp white T-shirt. #nightmare
So spring is here and summer is on the way, the magazine says go bare-faced for spring and the internet tells us that it’s time to take the jumper off for a little while, or until it rains again.

The idea of just a t-shirt, plain jeans and heels scared me a little… At first I was apprehensive because I wondered how I’d be able to express myself and my personality without bright colour, or prints and patterns.  But after looking online and giving the idea some thought I really have fallen hook, line and sinker for this simplistic look and t-shirt concept, so much so I’ve bought three white t-shirts in the past week. Because one obviously isn’t enough.  Potential fashion victim right here people!

I bought one from Asda for £3 and two from Tesco, again just £3. This trend is amazing, totally perfect if you’re on a budget yet want to move your wardrobe on into a fresh, new season with some staples you can wear and wear and wear and wear with anything.  I’ve come to realize that a white tee is the wardrobe door to accessories Narnia. It makes the focus lie on your footwear, your bag and your make up. It’s great to showcase other amazing and busy pieces in your accessory collection that you perhaps couldn’t pull off with some of your other printed and brightly coloured clothing in fear of clashing and clashing in a non chic way; Such as a clutch that’s studded to the hilt, or try out that garish colour of eye-shadow that you’re just desperate to try. Day-to night dressing becomes easier and makes it so that you’re never out of place or under-dressed for the party.

What I recommend:

Types of jeans: In my humble, personal opinion jeans work best overall with this look. I love boyfriend jeans and straight skinny. They define and frame the body and work with the classic white t-shirt tucked in or out. It’s a classic and elegant pairing and overall outfit. Add a belt for a defined look.

Jewellery: Statement pieces that make just that, a statement! Body necklaces that have angles, edges and pops of colour.  With jewellery you can add theme or colour. Texture is also added depending on the type and material of jewellery you wear.

Belts draw attention to your waist and can help accentuate your best assets and hide others! With a plain staple, simple and basic outfit such as a white tee and jeans allows your belt to be more zazzy. Feel free to add studs, prints and buckles. A scarf that's light is great for keeping the sun off you during the summery summer days. Go large with a clutch bag or large duffle bag.

Shoes: Go for a classic flat for a day with the girls, or pair with stilettos or white heeled sandals for the ultimate ‘Casual’ date look or ‘evening out’ outfit.

Make Up:
This is the time and outfit to try a summer trend colour, such as pink for light skins and purple for darker skins.

Work: For a work look, wear nude heels for a more demure, work appropriate stylish approach to dressing. Pair with a printed cardigan for an office chic edge, wear simpler jewellery and compliment the nude shoes with a light brown eye-shadow.

There really are endless options! Let me know your style ideas in the comments below and leave me your links to your blogs and YouTube videos! 

Speak tomorrow,
Lots of love,
Clo :- ))
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