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The Secret Notes Of A Fashionista : Hello I'm Clo

The Secret Notes Of A Fashionista : Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo come say hello …

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Mac Rebel 

Mac Rebel lipstick has that perfect mix of berry tones and purple punch that i'm after. A lover of purple this lipstick is made different by the reddish underlying tones. It's an understated purple, suitable for day to day wear for a demure look. It's described by mac as a mid-tonal cream plum.

Mac Show Orchid

Show Orchid is an amplified creme in a vivid hot pink colour. This colour is not for the faint hearted! It's a bold, out there colour that's got a purple undertone.

Mac Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo is a Mac classic and with those lovely orange undertones who can resist adding another red lipstick to their collection!? Described as a vivid blue / red tone Ruby Woo is a matte colour and Mac simply excel at creating matte colours.


Mac Morange

Morange is a loudmouth orange. Morange looks amazing on dark skin tones and as I'm wanting to experiment with more orange tones this is my ultimate lipstick. I may have to work my way up to this loud colour! I'll start with something a little less bright!


Mac Candy Yum Yum

Neon pink. The ultimate pink. Neon, bright and very, very bold! It reminds me of Barbie and am desperate to get it in order to experiment with some super pink make up looks, especially for some up and coming photo shoot ideas that I'm thinking of.

Mac Girl About Town

As a fashion girl about town, on a bright orange skateboard it's important that I have a lipstick with a name that matches my lifestyle! Girl about town is a bright blue fuchsia.  It's not as bright as show orchid but it's a more wearable pink for day to day wear.

Mac Cyber

Mac cyber is a really dark purple. It's almost black in colour. It has heavy red tones and is a really defined colour. A satin finish, This colour is an intense dark colour. Very Lorde esque. A gothic colour.

Mac Violetta

A bright clean violet colour. Mac Violetta is always out of stock it's so popular. It's a Mac pro colour that's not always available in store. Violetta is slightly lighter that Mac Heroine. It has really light pink undertones.

Mac Neon Orange

Mac Neon Orange, is another Mac Pro product, meaning you can only get it at Mac pro stores. It's a neon colour and a very popular one.

Overall I want / need lots of mac lipsticks. They have amazing, long lasting pigment and are a cult product for a reason. I'm very much looking forward to expanding on my current Mac Collection.

Speak soon,
Love you lots,

Clo : -))

Hello I'm Clo come say hello …

YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/HelloImClo
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Book Review: My Story, Dannii Minogue

A very humbling account of Danni's life story told through her experiences of life so far.

Danni Minogue's autobiography was a very good read, I couldn't put it down and read it in a matter of days. It was one of those 'just one more chapter' books. I enjoy autobiographies as I'm a fact lover and I think autobiographies are the best way to find out information about someone in the public eye, we all too often just get fed what's 'news worthy' and 'sellable' as appose to the true story.

It was great to find out more about Danni's life in Australia, her time as a child star and the ups and downs of her time in showbiz.  If you think Danni is only famous because if her sister, Kylie, you really need to read this book! 

The Aussie girl next door has lived a life jam packed with things, just like the rest of us and this book really does show that she's just a human even with the flashes of paparazzi and suitcases full of cash... I recommend if you don't know much about Danni and are looking for something light and easily readable. 

Life Levels : Hello I'm Clo

When everything levels : Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

I'll admit, over the past couple of months I've been feeling a little lost. With so much going on it's sometimes difficult to see the wood from the trees. Friendships, relationships and work each at times overtake in priorities which makes life feel stretched, confused and out of balance and I'm all for the balance. 

I am again going to refer to life like a bus. The bus is empty, you're the only person one it, then all of a sudden as if out of nowhere  it's full and you can't find a seat to sit down, the bus is full of people and opportunity.
Life, as my good friend Georgia says; " Is a roller coaster." And boy is she right. You too, like I, will have ups and downs; feel lonely one minute, then don't get time to be lonely as you're fitting so much into a jam packed life with friends, fun and frolicking.  That's my life right now, amazing opportunities, great friends and a bulging social and work calendar. 

It's nice when everything platos to your liking, what you want and just when you want it. The work/ life balance is just right and everything sort of slips into place. It really is the best feeling. I'm one of those 'Can't sit still' people, I like to be kept on my toes.

Isn't it strange to think that in a blink of an eye everything can change. I'm a firm believer that; everything happens for a reason and right now, for me it's time to enjoy the balance before the bus becomes bulging or empty once again. 

If you feel lost, like I was just a few short weeks ago, hold in there, amazing opportunities, friendships and relationships are worth the wait and don't forget, everything happens for a reason. 

Love you lots,
Speak soon,
Clo :-) 

The Best Friends' Guide To Life Review : Hello I'm Clo

The Best Friends' Guide To Life Review : Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

What makes a great friend? 
Has Facebook ruined dating? 
What's the secret to effortless style?

Today's book review is a review of Holly Willoughby's and Fearne Cotton's book 'The Best Friends' Guide To Life' It's a book that has been in my book case for quite a long time now, probably about two years. I picked up this hardback book for £2.99 in WHSmith in a sale, the RRP is £16.99.

The Best Friends' Guide To Life was published in 2010 and is still available now online. The book is described as an advice book and I found it to be a really lovely read. It's perfectly timed for me to read it as I'm off to uni soon and some of the topics written about in the book, gave me further insight into what to expect!

"Hello! This is a book written by proper best friends - us! - who have been hanging out together for over ten years. We thought that if we shared some of our own experiences and views on friendship, relationships, leaving home, studying or starting a new job, then it might help you on your own journey.

Inside you'll find loads of stories - some funny, some sad, and some that make us cringe with embarrassment - as well as tips and advice on things like dating and looking good. We've included our best photos from over the years (even the dodgy ones!) and drawings that Fearne has done especially.

Let's face it, life isn't easy at times so we hope that this book will make you laugh, entertain you, but most of all that it might be a bit like talking to your very best friend."

From men to mothers, fashion and careers the book provided a light hearted overview of the life of young women. It was written in such a way that it was enjoyable to read, even the toughest subjects such as bad boyfriends and more negative subjects such as drugs. They didn't fluff around harder topics and neither did they disguise what it's like to be a woman in the media industry. 

I feel that Holly and Fearne have put out a book that is super appropriate for their fans and young women alike. As such great role models Holly and Fearne have managed to discuss topics that many girls would not typically seek advice about from their mothers. This book is a great read if you're about to go to uni as it discusses living with other people, how to deal with friendships and certain uni typical situations. 

A really great read that relaxed me, made me laugh and showcased their very genuine, ever thriving friendship. It really is the best friends guide to life. 

Reading : Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

Reading has recently been a great escapism for me, there's a lot going on in my life currently, including my final push at college before in 6 weeks time i'll be a fully qualified make up artist. Scary- where has the time gone? So apologies for my lack of posts this past month.
Reading has come back into my life at just the right time, it's my way of whining down, relaxing and learning without having to spend more time looking at a computer screen as lets face it; I do enough of that anyway!

I take to reading like a duck to water. I revel in the prospect of learning something new, developing and using my brain! I'll read anything except stories, this may appear odd, however I simply can't indulge in fairytales, stories of love and things that glorify fantasies that simply aren't accessable to most of the people on this planet. I like to read something I can relate to, any topic really and with this newly discovered love comes my love for libraries. They're free yet we don't use them! It's crazy, we love free stuff yet we don't take what's given to us. I'm now making it a ritual / habit to go to the library once a week to pick up some new books to feed my mind.

So with this new found love and mindset, I'll probably start adding in a few book reviews and finds here and there here, on the blog and over on my YouTube channel. The posts will continue on both channels, however as you can probably appreciate sometimes other projects and people have to take priority.

Speak super soon,
Lots of love, as ever,

Clo :-)

Hi It's Henry! | Henry Holland | Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo! 
Today it's all about Fashion's man of the moment. Henry Holland. He's gone from Manchester fashionista to the guy on on every celebs phone list. He's certainly the man to call if you want something fresh, quirky and innovating to wear. From the prints to the fabrics, cuts to concepts 'House of Holland' has never been stronger.
 Last week Henry unveiled his Spring/Summer 14 Collection entitled 'HomeGirl' to rave reviews from the industry, press celebs and bloggers alike.

It's unusual for a quirky, creative concept designer to once again enthraul their audience. Henry Is never one to dissapoint or fail to impress.
Grasping inspiration from wherever he sees fit, this summer collection was inspired by his traveling. This collection is mind bogglingly gripping and that's why so many people love him as a person and as a designer.

“I design with a London girl’s aesthetic in mind and love to see girls wearing my designs in their own unique way.”
 “Bold, colourful, irreverent.”

With his show stopping London Fashion Week 'HomeGirl' Collection

Let me break this down for you. Henry's FROW.
  • Kelly Osbourne
  • Harry Styles
  • Nick Grimshaw
  • Ellie Goulding
  • Daisy Lowe
  • Pixie Geldof 
  • Alexa Chung
  • Eliza Doolittle
  • Nicola Robets
Yeah. I Know. Impressive.

(Wenn Image) 
From left to right: Ellie Goulding, Nicola Roberts, Harry Styles, Nick Grimshaw, Kelly Osbourne.