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Hello I'm Clo!

Reading has recently been a great escapism for me, there's a lot going on in my life currently, including my final push at college before in 6 weeks time i'll be a fully qualified make up artist. Scary- where has the time gone? So apologies for my lack of posts this past month.
Reading has come back into my life at just the right time, it's my way of whining down, relaxing and learning without having to spend more time looking at a computer screen as lets face it; I do enough of that anyway!

I take to reading like a duck to water. I revel in the prospect of learning something new, developing and using my brain! I'll read anything except stories, this may appear odd, however I simply can't indulge in fairytales, stories of love and things that glorify fantasies that simply aren't accessable to most of the people on this planet. I like to read something I can relate to, any topic really and with this newly discovered love comes my love for libraries. They're free yet we don't use them! It's crazy, we love free stuff yet we don't take what's given to us. I'm now making it a ritual / habit to go to the library once a week to pick up some new books to feed my mind.

So with this new found love and mindset, I'll probably start adding in a few book reviews and finds here and there here, on the blog and over on my YouTube channel. The posts will continue on both channels, however as you can probably appreciate sometimes other projects and people have to take priority.

Speak super soon,
Lots of love, as ever,

Clo :-)

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