The Best Friends' Guide To Life Review : Hello I'm Clo

The Best Friends' Guide To Life Review : Hello I'm Clo

Hello I'm Clo!

What makes a great friend? 
Has Facebook ruined dating? 
What's the secret to effortless style?

Today's book review is a review of Holly Willoughby's and Fearne Cotton's book 'The Best Friends' Guide To Life' It's a book that has been in my book case for quite a long time now, probably about two years. I picked up this hardback book for £2.99 in WHSmith in a sale, the RRP is £16.99.

The Best Friends' Guide To Life was published in 2010 and is still available now online. The book is described as an advice book and I found it to be a really lovely read. It's perfectly timed for me to read it as I'm off to uni soon and some of the topics written about in the book, gave me further insight into what to expect!

"Hello! This is a book written by proper best friends - us! - who have been hanging out together for over ten years. We thought that if we shared some of our own experiences and views on friendship, relationships, leaving home, studying or starting a new job, then it might help you on your own journey.

Inside you'll find loads of stories - some funny, some sad, and some that make us cringe with embarrassment - as well as tips and advice on things like dating and looking good. We've included our best photos from over the years (even the dodgy ones!) and drawings that Fearne has done especially.

Let's face it, life isn't easy at times so we hope that this book will make you laugh, entertain you, but most of all that it might be a bit like talking to your very best friend."

From men to mothers, fashion and careers the book provided a light hearted overview of the life of young women. It was written in such a way that it was enjoyable to read, even the toughest subjects such as bad boyfriends and more negative subjects such as drugs. They didn't fluff around harder topics and neither did they disguise what it's like to be a woman in the media industry. 

I feel that Holly and Fearne have put out a book that is super appropriate for their fans and young women alike. As such great role models Holly and Fearne have managed to discuss topics that many girls would not typically seek advice about from their mothers. This book is a great read if you're about to go to uni as it discusses living with other people, how to deal with friendships and certain uni typical situations. 

A really great read that relaxed me, made me laugh and showcased their very genuine, ever thriving friendship. It really is the best friends guide to life. 

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