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As a wannabe adventurer today I went somewhere new! The Victoria and Albert museum in south Kensington, London. It's a beautiful space I've stumbled upon before,( some of you may remember the vlog where I got lost and accidentally found myself in south Kensington. See here) today's trip was planned as I wanted to catch the Italian fashion exhibition before I fly off on my holidays because the exhibit only runs to the end of July. So if you read this post and like the sound of what you read be sure to get in quick!

The wide open spaces are gorgeous. It's full of life from both the people who visit and the art. It would take me days, weeks even to expore the whole venue. It's nice to see so many families from all over the world coming to visit this beautiful museum whilst they're staying in London. I've heard so many languages today and its great to see people making friends and being social with complete strangers. As I type an American family have asked a Canadian to take their photos, they happily snap away and discuss good local restaurants that are kid friendly. This interaction is far from the typical tube interactions of glances and gazes. In such a large city it's often easy to feel swallowed up and unimportant but little moments like that just show you're never really alone in London, no mater what language you speak.

The v&a is free but I've recently joined the V&A as a student member which allows me access in to any paid for ticket exhibition for a year it also gives me 10% off in the cafe and the gift store. It's will be great for when I'm at uni and I need a reference or fancy getting some fashion specific reading material. They have an incredible art focused book store as well as a beautiful art print section where you can purchase your favourite pieces prints and have the option of having then framed.  It's got a great balance, V&A  appeals to tourists and locals alike. 

Within the middle of the museum there's a wide open courtyard space with chairs and picnic areas, a bar and a large paddling pool to dip your feet into and for children to play in. It's great to see locals bringing their kids to play and enjoy the surroundings. I should have brought a bathing suit.

I visited primarily for the fashion exhibits that are currently on : fashion through the ages, wedding dresses and the glamour of Italian  fashion.
My main focus was on the Italian exhibit of Italian fashion through the ages 

I really enjoyed the day. It was truly fascinating to get an insight into such an incredible industry and culture it was amazing! There was a lot of walking involved but the pieces and information made up for it! So many people think museums are boring, however they're now very different from yesteryear as they've introduced new media such as moving projections, compilations and film into their exhibits in order to keep up with modern expectations. Although even I have to admit its weird seeing a film about something in a period when colour tv hadn't yet been invented ( no iPhones in that film!)

I felt like I was being taken through a book within the Italian fashion exhibit. As you're not allowed to take photographs or video it really does make you focus more on what you're there to view instead of fiddling with your phone, we're all guilty of it in the modern world. It starts off at the start of Italian fashion and talks you through the trials and tribulations of the eras, war, post war and then through the decades. The clothing speaks for itself visually but technically the display description fills you in on the techniques used to creat the piece, the design methods, the materials. One of my highlights of the exhibit was the final area when there was a two minute film to summarise the collection of artefacts and discuss Italian fashions future, going forward. Featuring 6 of the italian fashion industries key people, each gave their own opinion of their heritage going forward. Each encouraged young designers and crafters which was refreshing to hear from leaders in a somewhat closeted (excuse the pun) industry. 

I was fortunate to pick up the accompanying book that was produced along side the exhibition which I shall add to my fashion book collection. I'm looking forward to doing more research alongside reading the book ' Italian fashion through the ages' as the topic has really struck a cord with me. I love a little sideline project! 

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