June Empties : Hello I'm Clo

June Empties : Hello I'm Clo

Empty Beauty Products

Hello I'm Clo! 

June has flown by! I can't believe we're already half way through 2014. June has been a busy month for me beauty wise. With University fast approaching and the date of moving house looming, I decided the time was now, in June to have a massive clean out and clear down of beauty and make up products and get rid of the things that were well past their sell by or were nearly at the end of the bottle. My mission was clear: Scrap the daily routine and fall back in love with my nearly empty products until they were empty and ready for recycling.

I have many a Body Shop product in my beauty and skincare collection and this month I managed to finish up three 'Old Faithful' products. 



Aloe Soothing Day Cream

Availability Available from The Body Shop parties, stores and online.
Price 15ml £4.00, 50ml £10



Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser

Availability Available from The Body Shop parties, stores and online.
Price 60ml £3.00, 200ml £8



Aloe Calming Toner

Availability Available from The Body Shop parties, stores and online.
Price 60ml £3.00, 200ml £8 The same as the cleanser.

There is a theme to these items! I bought all three at the same time about a year and a half ago back when my skin was super sensitive and I couldn't put any non plant alcohol on my face. I found all of the 'Calming' range at The Body Shop to be just that, calming. I like that I was able to find a little 'Family' of products that would all work with one another to aid skin as appose to irritate.

I would purchase the cleanser and toner again if I was to use them together, however I think there are better budget moisturisers available such as my next item...



Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser

Availability Available from most UK supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug and Amazon
Price 50ml £1.25 100ml £4.00 
For more product info see here on Simple's website.

I love this Simple moisturiser and I couldn't have got through the past college year without it! Having make up applied and removed so much meant my skin NEEDED moisture and the right kind and I found that in this light moisturiser.
My skin changes throughout the seasons and as Spring turned to Summer it was time to switch up the daily routine to something a little different. I'll come back to this next Spring!
My only negative / gripe with this product is the bottle. THE BOTTLE DROVE ME CRAZY. It's an illusion bottle and you don't get as much as you think you are getting. You can't remove the cap with or without power tool aid. This bottle leaves me feeling like it's never empty because I can't get to the bottom of it!

I would buy it again, as it is one of the best budget moisturisers out there and a great one to start a daily skin routine.



Garnier Pure Active Deep Pore Unclogging Wash

Availability Available from Superdrug and Feel Unique
Price 200ml £5

I got on really well with Pure Active and I liked that it came with a pump. I wouldn't recommend it to you if you have very, very dry skin as it does have a tightening agent. Overall it kept my skin well balanced and happy! It's one of those 'Fresh Feel' products that makes your skin feel fresh and ALIVE!

I've bought this face wash again, in the sensitive version which is much more suited to my skin type.



Lipcote Lipstick Colour Lock

Availability Available from Superdrug, Amazon and Boots
Price 7ml £3.69

I get the feeling this Lipcote is a Love / Hate product and I was on the latter end. It does a great job of locking lipstick on tight and stays put with no smears or printing however, whenever I applied it it made my lips tingle and burn which was uncomfortable and I couldn't help but wonder what It was doing long term to the skin on my lips and I found that I had to up my lipcare after using Lipcote. Not for sensitive or chapped lips!
The lipstick excess on the brush also colours the lipcote liquid and when dries it has a very suspicious mixed residue. 

I shan't be repurchasing this product, I'll just blot my lipstick more and powder down!



Cadbury's Wispa Gold Hot Chocoalte

Availability Available from Tesco
Price per sachet £0.36

This was an absolute delight and will be perfect when it gets re-released nearer Christmas! It was yummy, hot, flavorsome and bubbly! Everything you want in a Hot Chocolate, mind, it won't last long as you'll keep going back for more and you need a fair few scoops each time in order to activate the chocolatliness!

So those are my June empties! I shall continue to collect my beauty and make up empties and will update you next month! Let me know what you've been using up this month in the comments below :)

Have a great July and I'll speak to you all soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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