Lust List and Little Luxuries One : Hello I'm Clo

Lust List and Little Luxuries : Hello I'm Clo

Take One / List One/  Uno

There are so many beautiful beauty / make up / hair gadgets, products and gizmos out there it's sometimes a little difficult to choice what to buy. With a new product launching each week. The monthly magazines declaring what's 'In' and what's 'Out' it's a constant rat race to try the latest thing before it gets overtaken over by the even newer latest 'Thing.'

*As a poor student*. (*Adds Drama, It's not all bad) I like to make lists of things that I like the look of, sound of or smell of and if I keep going pack to the same things on the list, then I purchase them.

The items that typically make my beauty list are things that aren't budget. They're usually an investment or £20 + such as brushes, or a gift set or an absolute classic products with a price tag such as Chanel N0 5. (Swoon!)

These are the products that are currently on my list;

Real Techniques 

Ever since my first experience with a Real Techniques 'Buffing' brush I've been in love. I now want the whole entire set twice over for my personal use and in my pro MUA kit. I'm so into Real Techniques I become offended when I read negative online reviews. They're the best thing since sliced bread and make life, oh so much easier. Make up appears flawless and gives that attention to detail look we crave from the covers of magazines. Real Techniques make up brushes are affordable and accessible to everyone and I'd highly recommend them if you're just starting out with make up or you're expanding your current make up brush collection.

Available: Boots, Superdrug (10% NUS Student Discount), Feel Unique and the Real Techniques Official Website.

Price: Single Brushes and sponges start at £6. Brush sets of 4/5 brushes start at £20. Real Techniques also have limited edition collections and are often featured in 3 for 2 offers at Boots.

Chanel Number 5

Chanel N0 5 is a classic. It's thee perfume. Iconic and timeless. When in Harrods a few weeks ago (See Youtube Vlog) I was given a sample on a cardboard Chanel N0 5 cutout. The smell accompanied me around the store, just like songs do within our heads, I was hooked. I returned to the beauty hall and tried all the different types and products Chanel had to offer. Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, spray, press on. So many beautiful bottles of class and elegance. 
Chanel N0 5 is the sort of perfume you'd wear on your wedding day and that's a deep thought.

Available: Chanel Official, Boots, The Perfume Shop.

Price: The size and type vary. Eau De Parfum is more expensive than Eau De Toilette. Prices start at £40.


Mac Lorde Collection

Lorde's Mac Collection (See Previous Lorde/ Mac post) is going to be dangerous for my bank balance. I love Lorde and I love Mac. What more do I need to say!? Rich and deep purples combined with dramatic Lorde looks to replicate = My summers sorted! I'm going to be investing in lipsticks, eyeshadows and liner! If I want to vamp up the look I'll even throw in a nail polish!

 Can you tell I'm excited? Roll on June 20th!  

Available: Mac Online

Price: Prices for limited edition collections typically start at £8 - and finish at £45 for a 4 colour quad.



Bare Minerals Ready To Go Complexion Kit

Ever since I bought the starter kit (Bare Minerals Started Kit Video) I've been fascinated in the powers that mineral make up behold! If you haven't tried Bare Minerals or had the experience of a Mineral Make Over at one of their stores (See Glasgow Vlog) or counters; pop in and try it out. Mineral Make Up is exceptionally light and 'Flat' compared to liquids or creams it feels as if you have nothing on your skin and it doesn't give that caked on or 3D face look or feel! 

I'm totally up for trying more Bare Minerals. The next thing I'm trying is without a doubt the ready to go complexion kit. Which, I'm pretty sure was made for me and my mad schedule! It's one of those 'Throw in your handbag as you run out the door' products and you have everything you need for your face base without any sweat, bother or worry that you've forgotten something!

Available: Bare Minerals, Sephora, Boots

Price: The Ready To Go Complexion Palette is £39

The Body Shop Brush Collections

Make Up Brushes are my new vice. Along with mac and sleek full stop! After my first year of college ( Studying Make Up) I know better than most the importance of good quality brushes. Most of my brushes now are looking a little worse for wear and instead of ebaying a few to replace them I'm wanting to invest for longevity and explore other brush and brush brand options. It was when I popped into the body shop to have a look at their raspberry body butter (It's lush!) I came across these handy brush packs. They're perfectly designed for people who, like me, want to expand their current collection. The packs range from 3 brushes to 5 or 8 and focus on specific areas such as face, eyes or body.

Available: In Store at BodyShop Parties and online. Exclusively at The Body Shop.

Price: There are 3 types of brush packs: Essential £18, Expert £30 and Ultimate £45. *HEADS UP*  It would be double the price if you wanted to purchase the brushes within the packs individually. You also get 10% off if you're a Reward Card Holder.

So there we have it! This little lot is what I'm currently lusting over and after and is the subject of my make up fantasies! Let me know what you're loving / lusting after in the comments below!

Speak soon,

Love you lots,
Clo : -))

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