Tourist For The Day, Malvern : Hello I'm Clo

Tourist For The Day, Malvern : Hello I'm Clo

A stay-cation


Hello I'm Clo!

Stay cations are the latest thing. People are exploring where they live in more depth, as people no longer have the income to jet set off on fancy holidays or do expensive day trips. It's true what they say, you don't know what's on your doorstep until you take a look for yourself. Your trip doesn't have to last a lifetime, or be a million miles away, you can explore your local area for the day and create your own fun without it costing a penny.

Malvern is not very far from where I live (20km) and is a beautiful, quiet town with lots of cute independent shops, walks and coffee shops. The Malvern Hills are of course, the main attraction to the Malvern area, so with this in mind I focused more on the less obvious things Malvern has to offer. I staged my stay-cation with my Mum on a Wednesday afternoon. The sun was out, shining bright which created a great summer holiday atmosphere.

The views were stunning and really put things into perspective. I spend way too much time indoors and don't get outside enough to appreciate the sunshine. That will all change this summer!

The first shop we wondered into sold an abundance of different thing. It had an 'antiqie' feel and vibe to it and within the shop, decor wise; anything went. There were bits and bobs for craft projects, sewing alterations, dresses and door knobs. It was a very unique store with thee most amazing Jewellery displays. They stored their jewellery within the old post boxes built in within the walls. It was pretty awesome!

Down one of the Malvern side street / alleys we stumbled across an interior designers workshop where classes are held. There were samples everywhere, fabric, print outs, sketches and mood boards! I love mood-boarding so this little slice of life was right up my street ( No pun intended! )

No trip would be complete without finding a shoe shop!

The street shops had plants and window displays and really took pride in their appearance, which is lovely to see considering the current state of many British high streets :( 
On the way to the Waitrose coffee shop, Mum and I popped into Rhubarb. Rhubarb is one of my favorite Malvern shops and houses lots of lovely girly things! 

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When we arrived at the coffee shop I selected a lovely, light lemon bun and a soya cappuccino. I thought since I was on a stay-cation in somewhere new I'd try something new food wise too!

I really enjoyed taking some time out to enjoy the world around me. It was a lovely sunny day that ended up giving me a tan! I had so much fun, with great company, in a super relaxing environment, which is pretty far removed from my day job. It just shows that if we don't explore our local areas, we'll never know what they really have to offer and we may just be missing out on the good stuff. I'm all up for exploring and going out on more adventures, no matter where they are - some time very soon!

Safe to say I'm feeling very relaxed!

Speak soon, Love you lots,

Clo : -))

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