Blue Jeans Striped Converses : Hello I'm Clo

Blue Jeans Striped Converses : Hello I'm Clo

Hello! I'm Clo,

Last week I picked up a real bargain whilst out shopping for shoes with A. I actually felt quite guilty when I picked these bargain shoes up, as the point of the shopping trip was to get some new shoes for A - Not me! 

Ever since I got my first pair of Converse ( In silver ) I've been hooked. The comfort factor is off the scale, you can walk in them for miles, they're easy to transport for travelling ( They squish ) and most importantly for a fashionista like me: They can pretty much go with any outfit. One friend of mine even wore her converse to prom! 

My shoe / footwear dream is to start collecting Converse Trainers. They really are a universal shoe! I love the plain everyday ones as well as the funky print ones and the Limited Editions!

The pair I picked up last week are featured in all the blog photos. They're the Converse OX Striped LD42. They were originally £47 and I bought them for £20. I just couldn't resist. These are a great pairing with denim and all my other navy tops the colour match is amazing!

With my traveling coming up and uni just around the corner, it's essential that I have comfort and style on lock down! These converse will match my wardrobe and will suit my student lifestyle running about and exploring! They're also great shoes for skateboarding!

As I'm going towards a more 'Chilled' style. I've styled up a potential summer outfit. This outfit will be great for getting places and hanging out with friends in the summer sun!

I'm going for simple, staple clothing with jazzy accessories. The light vest top will float over the high waisted vintage 'Trader' shorts. I'll wear my converse without socks, however if you prefer socks, perhaps select some frill top socks.

I'll be getting places on my skateboard which I recently wrote about <SEE HERE> I love the bright colours It's Orange!!! I'm then finishing the outfit off with my all time favorite I'm Sorry What Did I Say item it's from the brand 'Urban Junk' it's their Urban Junky backpack. I can pretty much fit my whole world in this bag!

I'm really looking forward to trying out some more looks with these trainers; they're definitely going to be my summer adventure shoes!

Let me know what converse you have and what you wear them with in the comments below! 

Speak to you soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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