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Foot rehab | Hello I'm Clo

Why quality and perhaps sometimes expensive trainers are a good investment

Hello I'm Clo! 

Rehab: a thing, esp. a building, that has been rehabilitated or restored.
Recently, now we've stepped into the new season I've been wearing heeled sandals. White stiletto healed sandals to be exact. They're my new summer fling and I love them dearly, for their elegant look, smooth fit and chameleon ability to blend seamlessly with many an outfit as well as make a bold yet blank, block colour statement with other looks.  They're the epitome of day to night dressing and throughout the summer I guarantee i'll wear them to death, until it's time to cover up my toes as the Autumn British weather sets in.

With so much heel wearing it's good to keep the balance of high and low. I'm calling it 'Foot Rehab.'  When I've been out for dinner, at an evening event or have spent the night partying hard dancing out with my girls, the last thing I want to do the following day is wear heels. I only wear heels night - day if I have an event to go to or an important client to go and see!  So on the morning after the night before I wear flats, more specifically if possible and work appropriate my custom soul Nike Trainers.  Early last year, I went to Birmingham Runner to have my feet analysed to make sure I was wearing the correct trainers for the way my feet fall when I run. I ran on the treadmill for a few minutes and discovered that I had a slight instep, with this in mind I was then able to pick the perfect trainers for my feet. I selected a quirky orange / red pair that are Nike + Running play app compatible .
Birmingham Runner was a great experience and £120 later I had my Nike trainers that were my Cinderella slippers. Its estimated my trainers should last me for the next eight years. When I need to replace them i'll be 26. How scary is that?

When I bought my trainers, I was and still am in it for the long haul. As lets face it, paying that much for one pair of shoes is a big commitment. My trainers are now my safe foot haven, they're my hours of 'Rehab' post partying. Without these shoes my feet would be completely shot. I'd be a tired, sore footed mess. If I hadn't had invested in these trainers my feet and my energy would be at a loss. I'd have tonnes of heels and non quality / specialist trainers / flats that I couldn't wear because I hadn't had my quality, revitalising down time. 

So if you too are having a love hate relationship with your heels I suggest you revitalise your love of shoes and invest in ' Shoe Rehab.'

Have a great day,

Love you lots!

Clo :)

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