IMATS Make Up Show, London: Hello I'm Clo

IMATS Make Up Show, London: Hello I'm Clo

HELLO! I'm Clo!

Imats Vlog!

So this weekend I attended London Imats at London Olympia, Kensington. Imats is the international make up artists trade show. It's a show where the Industry unite to showcase their work and make up suppliers showcase their products to the students, pros and supporters of the industry. In short, it's kind of like the clothes show to professional make up artists and make up enthusiasts. 

It's a chance to buy make up, brushes and make up accessories. There are all sorts of specialist stands too, so if you're into something specific, check the site to see what's up your street. Colleges and universities showcase, special effects make up brands and prosthetic companies as well as everyday make up and industry used make up. 

Attending imats as a student currently working towards becoming an mua ( make up artist ) or if you're looking into possible careers and post school courses shows like this are a great way of getting a feel of the industry as well as seeing the standard of work and also the standard of professionals. 

Prepare for:
Queuing and plenty of it.
Pushing and shoving. Girls get wild when lipstick is involved. The NYX stand was, by far the busiest stand. I queued for over an hour to spend 10 minutes on the stand, although, for me it was worth it.  

There is usually body art, (male and female) going on at these shows, so please prepare yourself for it. Giggling, pointing and making any form of joke will guarantee you to look immature and stupid. Praise the artist and tell the model they look fantastic, by all means. Also make sure you ask permission from the model and the artist if you'd like to take photographs as it's not only polite, but it also makes sure that you don't have any model contract or copyright issues ! A few months ago I modelled a full body art for my friend Georgia at world skills and there was nothing worse than someone throwing a camera in your face in a rude, abrupt or disruptive way! Warning guys! Manners never hurt anyone.

My advice if you're looking at going next year or are looking to attend a similar event is to not only shop and browse but to also attend the seminars, soak up the knowledge that the current pros have to offer; otherwise the ticket cost makes it a very expensive shopping trip. Also set a budget and don't go over it. It's all too easy to see something and buy it without it being an absolute essential to your personal or professional make up kit.
If you can help it try not to buy expensive or large items at the start of the day, purely and simply because the last thing you want is to be lugging something about all day within the crowds, bashing yourself and everyone else around you. Regret may also set in if your purchase an expensive item leaving you without money to buy items you really, really want. 

Even though it is a make up show make sure you're appropriately dressed. There's a lot of hustle and bustle and walking involved. This is not the place for heels or uncomfortable footwear- comfort is key! 

So those are my tips for beauty showcases, shopping events and trade shows! I hope you found this helpful.

The Make Up Girls! Poppy, Me, Laura, Abbie <3

Speak soon, 

Love you lots

Clo : -))

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