Life Update : Hello I'm Clo

Life Update: Hello I'm Clo

What's happening / Where you at girl?

Hello! I'm Clo,

As it's Monday, the start of the week. I thought I'd start off by giving you all a little update as to what's happening in my life right about now.

2014 so far has been a crazy roller coaster ride of 'Stuff'. It's turning out to be a really amazing year. I've met so many new friends, had some amazing experiences and created some incredible memories that I won't be forgetting anytime soon. I'm so determined and focused at work, I'm forever challenged and strive forward daily to produce the best stuff I possibly can, for current projects and other awesome projects that will come to light, later on in the year.

So between work and play, 2014 has been a great year so far, then throw in my relationship to that mix (Amazing!).  This year is going pretty well! I'm currently in a very happy place indeed. I've got smile lines and laughter wrinkles - Time to test some moisturisers I think!



I've now finished college completely and am a qualified Make Up Artist! Whoop! Great stuff! I've now got about two months until I start University, so as you can imagine I'm jam packing everything into that time work wise before I get sucked into the two weeks, that is 'Freshers'.

Within those two months I am also traveling in America! as well as doing some more exploring / adventure stuff closer to home. I'm saving up for a 'vlogging' camera in order to start daily 'vlogging' more often and showcasing some of the awesome people I meet and share some good, happy, positive 'Stuff.' I think this camera will also be a turning point, that may ound strange, however I think that it will allow me to create some more spontaneous content. I'm not just another 'Beauty Blogger' I'm an entrepreneur and I'm passionate about so much, that I feel It would simply be selfish if I didn't share it online with you all.  

Forget the stats of subscribers, likes and views. I'm about making something that resonates, that's helpful, upbeat and sparks imagination, creativity and happiness and is produced with real, raw passion. How about that for a mission statement? 

After IMATS last week I was super excited to pick up my camera and write my thoughts down, as there is just so much make up stuff to discuss, write about and share. However, after seeing some of the commotion surrounding these 'Beauty Guru's' and 'Youtube Famous Celebrities' It highlighted to me that that's simply not something that I'm personally interested in ( I also think we've all gone a little YouTube crazy!) I have no interest in being 'Famous', I want to make people feel better about themselves, discover new opportunities and learn more about themselves and their surroundings. So I'm quite happy with my clan of 500 subscribers! and to write at weekends about how to apply lipstick.


So, as ever I have lots going on (Don't we all!)
I'm happy, pumped and feeling loved.



I've spent the weekend catching up on reading, indulging in mac lipsticks online and relaxing in a rather large bubble bath (Bliss!) So I'm ready to make some more awesome content that I'm passionate about.

Speak to you soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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