Sleek Rio-Rio World Cup Palette : Hello I'm Clo

Sleek Rio-Rio World Cup Palette : Hello I'm Clo

Sleek Make Up i~Divine Mineral based Eyeshadow Palette 

'Rio-Rio' Limited Edition. 424


Hello I'm Clo!

Now, I'm not one for football, let alone the world cup and up until to day the only participation I had in the world cup was eating two 'Limited Edition' football donuts from Krispy Kreme. Today I purchased the Sleek I Divine Rio Rio palette, which is an eyeshadow palette in homage to the 2014 world cup. It's full of festival fever and jam packed of Brazilian national colours. It's a bright and bold palette that I new I just had to have! 

After being bombarded by Sleek's website I new I needed to get this palette. After my last experience with Sleek's super slow delivery (Read Here) I decided to pop into Superdrug to see if they stocked the palette. I wasn't too sure they'd stock it as most make up brands such as Mac Cosmetics only sell their Limited Editions exclusively online or in their selected stores/ counters.

I found the palette, no trouble and fell in love with the packaging. The box was even better in real life, in my hands. Think of an explosion of colour and swirled together and that is the Rio Rio's cover! The actual palette is the same as all the other palettes; it's black with 'Sleek Make Up' on but in the corner in gold letters it says 'Rio Rio Limited Edition.'

For £7.99 (£7.20 with NUS Superdrug Discount) I got the Rio Rio palette 424 with 12 colours. Tropical and night time carnival tones, a real range of colours.

Top row colours left to right; Tropics, Night Fever, Ipanema, Caipirnha, Urca, Leblon.
Botton row colours left to right; Cachaca, City Of God, Copacabana, Sao Conrado, Bossa Nova, Leme.

 Sleek I Divine Rio Rio Palette Review

My favorite colours are Caipirinha (Green top 4th in) City Of God (Yellow Gold bottom 2nd in) and Bossa Nova (Purple bottom 5th in) I love the green and gold because they're not colours that I've seen before. They're both very different. The green sets a challenge, as I don't use green very often and the gold will be great as an addition to a summer look or an autumn smokey eye, it's a versatile colour that has a creamy, inviting look. I'm naturally drawn to the purple, as purple is one of my favorite colours. Bossa Nova has a wonderfully effortless look that's matte finish.  

The Rio Rio palette has a great selection of matte and shimmer colours going from light to dark. The white /silver in 'Cachaca' has a creamy texture for a powder and would work as a highlighter. The darkest colour, 'Leblon' would be great to use in any dark smokey eye make up look. Each colour would look great individually as a simple swipe of colour or experiment my blending in other colours and building them up upon each other. Add in the 'Cachaca' shade to the inner eye to highlight the eye.

I hope you found this post informative! I'm very pleased with my new palette and I look forward to experimenting and once again, pushing my make up boundaries! Colour explosion here we come!

Speak soon,
Love you lots,

Clo : -))

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