Stargazer Neon UV Lipsticks : Hello I'm Clo

Stargazer Neon UV Lipsticks : Hello I'm Clo 

Neon Lipstick - What's not to love?


Back in May, when I attended Beauty UK and World Skills I picked up a few goodies from Stargazer.  When I saw Stargazer at IMATS it reminded me to write a post all about these amazing UV lipsticks. 

There isn't a neon or glow in the dark lipstick that springs straight to mind. There are, on occasions gimmicks by high street brands and drug store brands, however, when I found these stargazer lip colours and after the ladies demonstration with a UV light pen, I was well and truly sold. I bought four colours; Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange.

I've swatched the colours below:

As you can see, when I hold the colours up to my face It showcases just how bright they are!
I have no make up on, in this scary photo below but these lip colours would finish and bring alive a make-up look. I think the orange, pink and blue would suit any skin tones, however the yellow may not suit darker skin tones.

The packaging is great if you have a lot of lipsticks like I do! The clear top makes the colour you're looking for easy to spot and they also have the colour details and product number written on the base which makes it easier to re-order or to know exactly what shade of pink it is that you already own!  

As I picked mine up at Beauty UK I had a show offer, Each one was £3. Online they're £3.50  
They come in eight shades;
Magenta Pink, Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Red, and Violet.

Considering cult lipstick brand MAC is around £15 for a lipstick, you could pick up 4 Stargazers for that price. I'll be getting the other colours in the near future in order to complete my collection and have a full selection of neon lipsticks. It's just got to be done.

I'd advice using a primer to your lips before applying these colours. You could also use these colours as eye colour or cheek colour: Great for raves! PARTY ON!
These colours are long lasting and very pigmented, however! Be wary when you eat as the center pigment disappears and leaves you with a ring around your mouth, line before wear, perhaps set and as ever, re-apply after eating.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I can't wait to create some amazing looks with these UV Lipsticks!

Speak soon,
Love you lots,

Clo :- ))

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