The Skin Project Day Eleven : Hello I'm Clo

The Skin Project Day Eleven : Hello I'm Clo

This is what you see...

So! As you can probably tell, I look a little different yesterday. Last night I thought i'd try out the new Number 7 exfoliator that I picked up last week. When i used it It felt fine! No sores or anywhere near the pain/ feeling of microdermabrasion. After swilling my face after using the exfoliating machine I notice some sore patches at the side of my nose. This morning I woke up with these on my nose! It looks like I've been sun burnt! My skin is fresh but sore! I think I went a little too gung ho.
A great exfoliator if you're not too heavy handed.

This is funny, because it's not funny but is a totally typical me thing to do!

So! What's on my face today?

To cool my face I used a little of Dr Organic's Aloe Vera Gel. I put an extra blob on my nose to cool it and aid the healing process ( Which I hope will be speedy!) I decided not to put any face cover make up on and follow the typical after care of a deep skin treatment or microdermabrasion which is to stay away from heavy make up for 24/48 and not apply anything other than a cooling agent to irritated or red areas.

Cooling Gel 
Dr Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Holland & Barrets £7

Eyebrow Pencil
Make Up Academy Power Brow and Highlighter £3

Avon, Colour Trend Black Plump Out Mascara £7

Lip Colour
Number 7 BB Lips, Blink Pink £9

I Woke Up Like This... 



As you can see the exfoliator has bought all the impurities in my skin to the surface, hence the greeny skin look and the red patches / outbreak coloured patches. I shall keep you all updated on how my skin is getting on throughout the week!

And That Was The Skin Project Day Eleven!


Speak soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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