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The Skin Project Day Five : Hello I'm Clo

The Skin Project Day Five : Hello I'm Clo

This is what you see...

By simply lining the eyes and then lining the lips with a base colour, then fill in with a classic colour that suits your skin tone makes a really simplistic defined look.

So! What's on my face today?

Highlighting Concealer
Maybelline, Touch Lumi Concealer, Lights 01 £7

Mac, Matchmaster, 1.0 £27

Collection, Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit, light £5

Number 7, Cool Pink £8

NYX brow/ eye pencil, in black / brown £4

Collection, Colour lash all day colour mascara, brown 2 £3

The Natural Collection, Almond £2

Number 7, Matte, Classic Rose £10

I Woke Up Like This... 



Today I have a dry area around my nose. I only noticed this once i'd applied all of my make up. My lips have improved in texture and appearance.

With my make up I've kept it fresh and light and including SPF due to the increasing temperatures. I'm doing lots of running around today so I want to keep touch ups to a minimum, hence why I haven't used eyeshadow. 


And That Was The Skin Project Day Five!


Speak soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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  1. Really like your makeup,so cute!
    I would love to see you on my blog!
    xoxo Antonella !