The Skin Project Day Four : Hello I'm Clo

The Skin Project Day Four : Hello I'm Clo

This is what you see...

So! What's on my face today?

17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer £7
Highlighting Concealer
Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi, light 1, £7

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, fair 1, £5

Mac Matchmaster SPF foundation, £27
Setting Colour Powder
Bare Minerals Original Powder, fair C10, £25

Poudre De Poudre, 51, £8

The Natural Collection blusher, Pink Cloud, £2

Eyebrow Powder
Collection Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit, light, £5

Eye Primer
NYX Eye Shadow base, ESB01, £7

Make Up Academy Matte Ever After Palette, Fade, Bare, Penny, Taffeta, £5

NYX Eyebrow / Eyeliner pencil, 931 black / brown, £4

Number 7 Extreme length waterproof mascara, £20

Lip Liners
The Natural Collection, Almond, £2

Number 7 Classic Rose, £10

Translucent Powder
Miss Sporty So Clear Pressed Powder, £5

Make Up Academy Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter, £5

Today I'm spending the day in London and wont have time to top up and re-touch so I've used lots of setting powder and taken extra precautions in order to make my make up stay put and looking good.

I've used two concealer, one to highlight and one to cover dark areas under my eyes and around my nose. I set the concealer and foundation with my Bare Minerals powder in order to continue the colour, I used this instead of translucent as I didn't want to appear chalky. 

I used something new today! The NYX eyeshadow base in white. I'm looking forward to seeing how this holds the eyeshadow. I picked this up at IMATS. You can have a look at the IMATS Vlog here. Or the IMATS Haul here. 

As I have a wonky cupids bow lip area, I've lined my lips this morning to even them up and also coloured in my lips to create staying power for my lipstick. The classic rose lipstick that I'm using was applied once, then blotted, then re-applied, touched up then blotted again, then finally dusted with a translucent setting powder to make sure the colour stays in place.

I Woke Up Like This... 


And That Was The Skin Project Day Four!


Speak soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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