Topshop Mini Haul : Hello I'm Clo

  Topshop Mini Haul : Hello I'm Clo

 Hello I'm Clo!

Today I found myself having a gander through the TopShop Sale section in their Merry Hill, UK store. To say the store was messy would be an understatement of epic proportion. The store was filthy! Clothes were everywhere, all over the floor (Think chaos and garage sale!) and there was a lot of dust and fluff about. Not chic or fashionable!

That aside I was there and I thought I may as well have a look at their make up collection which is raved about in the bloger-sphere. I picked up a couple of dresses and a couple of make up pieces that have made up todays mini-haul!

The two dresses I picked up are exactly the same. I bought one in black and one in navy / dark blue. They're a high scoop neek short sleeved skater dress. Skater style really suits me because I have quite wide hips in comparision to the rest of my body, (Think Iggy Azalea) skater keeps me in proportion and suits my shape beautifully.

Typically, I don't buy black very often, especially block black as I'm a lover of colour and patterns. It just so happens that I've got an amazing pair of black boots ( Clarks Orinoco Club) that each autumn / winter come out of their box that I new would be just great with this dress and a bright, super bright pair of pink tights to add my own personal style flare and also bring the outfit alive!

The black dress was £20 down to £12 and the blue dress was £20 but heavily reduced down to £7, total bargain, yet confused as to why the black wasn't reduced to the same price. Makes so sence, they're exactly the same! I picked up both dresses in a 12, I tried on the 10 but felt that one wrong move and my boobs would be ripping out the dress. Not a good look! So I went for the more comfy, forgiving 12.

Blue dress from the back

The blue coloured dress could be worn over the summer on the cooler summer nights, the sleeves allow you to stay warm yet still look summery. Browns sit really well next to this darker shade of blue. For the summer I'm going to wear a brown summer eye make-up and sandals and to transform this dress for autumn / winter I'm going to add tall brown boots (Clarks Orinoco Jazz) and a belt to make it weather appropriate! Perhaps the perfect summer to winter dress find!

Onto Make Up!

I've heard on the blogger grapevine that Topshop are really bringing it with their Autumn Winter Make Up offering, introducing three metallic lipsticks as well as really expanding on their current core collection. With this in mind, I stopped by the make up stand to see what all the fuss was about. I also managed whilst I was there to find that i'd discovered a dupe! 

Sleek 'Mulberry' Lipstick is a dupe of Topshop 'Depth' Sleek's lipstick is about £3 cheaper than TopShops so there's a heads up for you all!

I picked up two make up pieces, the first was the lipgloss 'Long Time No See' the packaging is a little riffy but you can't be too picky as it was just £0.50! Once removed from the outer layer the tube will be just fine! 'Long Time No See' is a really sweet, light clear lipgloss.

My final purchase at Topshop was 'Harlow Sunset' eyeshadow duo. My MUA friend Georgia is a lover of Topshop eyeshadow and at £3 I couldn't resist. It's a purple with brown undertone colour mixed with a gold undertoned beige. Harlow Sunset was originally priced at £6.

I'm looking forward to styling my 'Basic' dresses, I get the feeling they're going to become staple pieces in my wardrobe! The material is super soft and very durable so they're build to last! I'm going to have a little play with my new Topshop make up pieces and will keep you updated on what I think!

Let me know if you've tried out any TopShop make up and 
what you're currently loving make up wise!

Speak soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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