Lauren Conrad Style Book Review : Hello I'm Clo

Lauren Conrad Style Book Review : Hello I'm Clo

Lauren Conrad - Style book review

The secret to looking fabulous and having fun in fashion

Hello I'm Clo!

Lauren Conrad's book 'Style' has been sat on my book shelf for about a year. I picked it up for a bargain £2 in a thrift shop last summer. The book is crisp and brand spanking new. It's the hardback version which features Lauren herself on the cover of the book.

I must confess, as a Brit who doesn't watch much tv, I had no idea who Lauren was. I was kindly informed by a viewer when I asked, when featuring the book in a haul last autumn. I'm not bothered who writes the book, celeb or not. I'm there, reading for the content I have a thirst for fashion, beauty and make up knowledge and knowledge is king. You can never have enough knowledge, I'm forever learning! I love to learn by reading a book, it's nice to have something in my hands and take some time out and away from computer screens.

When I decided that this was the next book I was going to read I stick by my choice, assigned reading time (yes, my schedule is that busy!) and popped the book by the bed ready for some light reading in order to relax me into a night of good, well earned rest.

The book covers the basics of fashion; tshirts, jeans, shirts, boots, accessories as well as occasions and events such as party dresses, work wear and school.

When I started reading the first couple of pages, I wasn't entirely convinced that I'd like the book. I can't pin point why I got this feeling, perhaps it's something to do with her initial writing structure and the fact I predominantly read blogs and books by British writers who have a different style and formation writing wise, anyway I persisted and carried on and figured out Lauren's 'tone' of writing, which as I read on thought the book I understood more and began to appreciate her soft and friendly tone that easily mixed with personal thoughts and anecdotes. 

I found the chapters to be very well written and concise. Providing an overview as well as specialist sections within the chapter to discuss certain brands or products. The matching pictures were flawless. Gorgeous in fact, the book is extremely polished and you can see it has Lauren Conrad written all over it. She took real pride and effort In order to create this book and it was a very enjoyable read. 

The chapters are long enough to be informative but not too long that you're falling asleep, in fact I had the opposite issue, after chapter three I couldn't put the book down! I read the entire thing in two days.

Overall the book is ideal for the everyday girl, girl next door type. It's not going to make you the next Anna Wintour by any stretch of the imagination, however if you want to learn more about fashion, discover your own personal style or simply have some help re-jigging your wardrobe this book is just the ticket. 

£14.99 I picked mine up for £2 in a thrift shop.


Lots! Clean cut pictures including product shots, make up looks and Lauren herself in her favourite outfits. There's lots of white space too, so you're not overwhelmed. 

Not only did I feel we'll informed after reading 'Style' I also felt empowered to look into my own personal style and felt happy after reading it, which was an unexpected yet pleasant surprise.

Speak soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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