Sleek Contour Kit : Hello I'm Clo

Sleek Contour Kit : Hello I'm Clo


Sleek Make Up Pressed Contouring Powder & Highlighter In One.



Hello I'm Clo!

Contouring has in the past year, blown up big time. Since Kim K, the queen of contouring, posted that mid-make up selfie the world has been obsessed about removing double chins, defining jaw lines and highlighting amazing eye make up, all of which is produced as a result of contouring and highlighting in just the right places, this is the only place the 'Less is more' rule of make up is broken, however build up slowly- don't go over the top!

I often contour with a bronzing powder, however, with summer now upon us, I find there to be too much shimmer or glow on my face with the sun being out, so I needed to find a matte bronzer/ contour kit! Shimmer bronzer as a contour is fine for me in the winter, here in the UK as it adds a little colour and life but in the summer it's just way too much! So the Sleek make up pressed contouring powder landed in my basket at just the right time.

Not only does the kit come in the gorgeous renown sleek make up backaging and black holder but it also arrives with a handy guide for newbie / first time contourers that covers basic shape contouring, for cheeks and nose. 

I picked up the shade Light in 884, medium and dark shades are also available. The contour is pigmented enough to be a contour pigment to make a difference and sculpt the face, without being an overpowering line of colour sort of stuck on your face.

The velvety highlighter is beautiful! I love a good highlighter! It reflects the light and highlights areas of interest such as the brow bone, for focus on the eyes and on the cheek bones to showcase the facial structure. It mellows down once applied, so reduces in shine to make it wearable and not like a beacon on your face.

For £6.49 you can slim down and define your face. It's a lovely basic product that, when used correctly can really make all the difference to your make up. 

If you have any contouring questions or any contouring product recommendations, please let me know in the comments below! I hope, as ever you've found this post informative!

Speak soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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