First Week of Uni

First week of Uni

Hello It's Clo!

So, the first week of university is over. I'm on a train home for my dad's birthday and on reflection, I think I've settled in pretty well, to the point that leaving my uni flat, feels like leaving home. 

Living away from home has given me more independence and responsibility for myself. I thought I was pretty good and grown up pre Uni, but I've pleasantly surprised myself. I feel like a fully fledged grown up now.

I've cooked fresh meals daily, up until lunch today, I had a sausage roll and rice from the Uni canteen, it shan't be happening again. They charged me for ketchup and 90p for rice. That's twice the price of two, kilo bags, which would create 9 servings for a single individual. It's daylight robbery I tell you. My thoughts of frivolity have turned to practicalities of food portions, servings and health. I'm really looking after myself, perhaps better than ever before because I have choice and control, after all It's just me now.

My beauty regime has seriously upped it's continuity since I arrived. I've religiously cleansed, toned and moisturised morning and night. I've also started using more of my make up. Being at a creative university I can express myself using bold and brash colours, twice this week I've created a block colour eye look, the first time with purple, the second with orange. I've never had so much fun ! I've worn a different lipstick every day and I can't wait to write more blog reviews and test out my beaut new real technique brushes (YEAHHHHH.)

My teeth are cleaner than ever before, the water at the flat has a serious lime scale issue and due to that I'm having to use a mouthwash as part of a routine, not as and when. My mouth feels fresher than ever and is making up for the fact that I'm a black coffee drinker! 

One of the few things I need to improve on / get in check, is my waking up. My body clock is all over the place, I want my routine back of waking up at 6:30 to the sound of Nick Grimshaw and the radio one team. My alarm currently sounds and I turn it off, roll over and go back to sleep. This has to stop! Although, I do think it'll take me a few more weeks until I'm back to normal as London freshers is next weak and that, I predict will be heavy.

So I'm settled and excited although, there are a few things I miss, such as my family and my boyfriend.

Things I miss about home

So all is well and I can't wait to start my fashion management and marketing course next week properly. I'm excited to really get stuck in! BRING IT ON.

Speak soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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