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October Month Round Up

Hello I'm Clo!

"I got dumped (It's ok!)"

I haven't done one of these round ups is what seems like forever! I thought it would be fun and a great way to chart what I got up to this month!

This month I have manages to fit an awful lot in! A crazy amount actually. I've sorted them into Positive and Negative lists and written this with a nice cuppa tea in hand and biscuits at the ready!

Miley Cyrus for MAC Viva Glam

Miley Cyrus has been announced as the new celebrity ambassador of Mac's Viva Glam campaign which supports men, women and children who have aids.

The collection lands in the USA in January 2015. Miley replaces current Mac brand ambassador Rihanna.

Speak soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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Dress Shopping

Hello I'm Clo!

Last week I went dress shopping In a quest to find the perfect dress and ultimately help to create the perfect wardrobe that fits and flatters my shape and makes me look effortlessly fabulous.

After browsing online for A-line and skater dresses that are durable and long lasting fabrics, to no avail, I went into town to see what was available on the high street.

House of Fraser was my first and only point of call. They have a wide selection of brands and styles and I was able to have a look through and try on.

Little Blog Changes

Hello I'm Clo!

Hello Little Blog on the Internet. Hello lovely readers! It's been a while, I know. Life just sometimes gets in the way of life itself.

Recently there have been lots of changes in my life so I'll give you a little 'Recent Life Changes' synopsis. One, I moved out of my uni halls and into another one, it's much better now and at some point I'll fill you in on the shit that went down. Secondly,  my boyfriend broke up with me and Thirdly, I went home for a while to collect my thoughts and see friends and family. Things weren't too much, I just needed the smell of home and to be around people who can read me like a book.

Binge watching Downton Abbey.

Binge watching Downton Abbey

So for the past week I've been thinking about feminism. Before you panic and think I'm going to 'Go women!' On you all, I'm not. I strongly believe we are all equal. I've been reading up and researching feminism and women through the ages for my contextual studies class at university. 

Wanting a break from books, I went in search of something visual in the university library and discovered the vast array of DVDs my university library have on offer, at my disposal for FREE - I'm in film heaven! 

Downton Abby seemed like a good place to start as my course has a focus on the twenties era. I thoroughly enjoyed kicking back and relaxing, whilst learning. I relished taking time out from the computer each night to wind down and relax. I've spent far too much of my teenage life working far too hard (blows own trumpet somewhat shamelessly) so it's an odd concept now I'm at Uni and have an allotted allowance of down time. 

As I'm all for wellbeing and free stuff, I'm going to make this whole film thing a 'thing' and work my way through the libraries curation. I'm starting with old school period dramas and romances to tie in with my contextual studies focus on 'women through the ages .' and of course goes without saying, the fashion. 

Downton abbey season one is now over, so off I pop to pick up season 2! If I don't tweet for a few days, be safe in the knowledge that I'm tucked up in bed with pjs and fluffy socks on, bra-less loving life, comfy with downton and a soya hot chocolate. 

Complete and Utter Chaos

Complete and Utter Chaos

Hello I'm Clo!

I hope you're all well and this month has been great so far. For me I can't be too sure. This week I've moved university flats and halls after having a plethora of issues and incidences in my previous flat, which all came to a head on Sunday night when my body had had enough and had a fit. 

September Beauty Empties

September Beauty Empties


I'm A Barbie Girl

I'm A Barbie Girl

Hello! I'm Clo

Last week whilst tralling Oxford Street, London for a university project I popped into Forever 21 in search of those ever budget friendly £7 jeans. When I stepped into the store I was greated with a sign advertising the new-in-store Barbie range.