Binge watching Downton Abbey.

Binge watching Downton Abbey

So for the past week I've been thinking about feminism. Before you panic and think I'm going to 'Go women!' On you all, I'm not. I strongly believe we are all equal. I've been reading up and researching feminism and women through the ages for my contextual studies class at university. 

Wanting a break from books, I went in search of something visual in the university library and discovered the vast array of DVDs my university library have on offer, at my disposal for FREE - I'm in film heaven! 

Downton Abby seemed like a good place to start as my course has a focus on the twenties era. I thoroughly enjoyed kicking back and relaxing, whilst learning. I relished taking time out from the computer each night to wind down and relax. I've spent far too much of my teenage life working far too hard (blows own trumpet somewhat shamelessly) so it's an odd concept now I'm at Uni and have an allotted allowance of down time. 

As I'm all for wellbeing and free stuff, I'm going to make this whole film thing a 'thing' and work my way through the libraries curation. I'm starting with old school period dramas and romances to tie in with my contextual studies focus on 'women through the ages .' and of course goes without saying, the fashion. 

Downton abbey season one is now over, so off I pop to pick up season 2! If I don't tweet for a few days, be safe in the knowledge that I'm tucked up in bed with pjs and fluffy socks on, bra-less loving life, comfy with downton and a soya hot chocolate. 

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