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Green Bat Halloween Cupcakes

Hello I'm Clo!

"This was a disaster!"

This week I attempted (Key word there!) to make halloween cupcakes for my flatmates. I ordered these awesome bat black icing sprinkles which I wanted to use so I thought orange colour cupcakes would be the way forward. Unfortunately this did not end up looking pinterest ready! Haha, I totally need more practice with food colouring. My flat mades enjoyed the green cupcakes (OMG FAIL!)  and green icing all the same. (Best flatmates ever!) I will try again once I pick myself back up from the kitchen floor!

Here's some pictures of my disaster - you really do learn from your mistakes!


Once again thanks to my flatmates for eating these ghoulish cupcakes! Must try harder ;)

What are you guys getting up to this halloween? Did you bake - I'd love to see and know how yours went! Leave your comments below :)

Speak soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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