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The First Date

Hello I'm Clo!

So tonight is my first date with a new guy. I'm 'back on the horse' so to speak and I'm currently sat in a Starbucks having coffee before I go to meet him and the American girl next to me is spouting off about feminism - has she not heard of the he for she campaign

I digress.

I'm looking forward to my date, we're off to see a musical after I told him I love musicals. As I'm pretty casual personality wise, I've gone with a smart casual outfit that is comfy yet shows off my curves and for my make up I've gone minimal.

The Perfect Little Red Dress

Hello I'm Clo!

" I saw it and thought 'Wow!'"

A few posts ago I spoke of dress shopping (See Here) and how I wanted to have parts of each dress I tried on and roll them into one. 

I then found the perfect dress that I saw and thought 'Wow' it was the right shape and in a lovely colour. When I first spotted it In Next, I was short on time so I went back the following day to try it on.

5 Year Diary: A Thought A Day

Hello I'm Clo!

"Perhaps the best gift I've ever been given"

"For my Birthday my parents bought me a five year, thought a day diary. It's such a thoughtful and gorgeous giftIt's to house my hopes, dreams and faiths in my destiny. I write in it every night before bed, I write a reflection or highlight of my day, for me to look back on in time. It's like a short blog or tweet extract of my life, but just for me and my private thoughts."

There's Something In The Water

Hello I'm Clo!

"Hair mask, bath, you name it- it was heaven."



Since moving to London for Uni, I've noticed a real difference in my hair condition. Previously I haven't taken note of people's comments on the quality of London water, as it wasn't relevant at the time for me - now I know what people are on about! 

In London the water isn't as pure, it's still clean but it has a lot of limescale in it, which causes hair to feel clogged and greasy.

When I went home it was luxury. Hair mask, bath you name it, it was heaven. So when I came back to Uni I had a look at what I could do within my daily / weekly routine in order to make my hair feel and look as good as possible. Here is what I've come up with! 

What have you got to lose?

Hello I'm Clo!

" I hit him with my handbag. "

Recently I've been embracing opportunities that have come my way, more so than I did say a few years ago.

Perhaps it's because I'm in a new place (Uni) and I feel the need to be a little more 'out there' but I've really grabbed opportunities with both hands and have made new, exciting friendships as a result of it.

When we're children, we're told not to talk I strangers but as a young adult, in a new place, I really have no other choice. 

A few weeks ago I met someone on a train and we struck up a friendship because I hit him (accidentally) with my handbag. He's become my museum buddy, also new to London, he's just as keen as I am to see what the city has to offer. 

When we started chatting when we first met, I had two choices: 1. Make a bold move and give this guy my number (Totally out of normal character) or 2. Have a great chat for an hour, not follow up and never know where it might have lead with the stranger with the American accent. I went with choice one. 

I'm really glad I did something out of my comfort zone, because of it I've had many enjoyable cups of coffee and endless laughs, seen new places and learned about different cultures.

I'm not at all saying talk to everyone you meet and become best friends, but if you feel like it and think there's a potential friendship there: what have you got to lose? If they don't call you to arrange a coffee- so what? You haven't lost anything by it, you never know, you could In fact meet someone who could change your life. 

So keep that thought in the back of your mind next time you meet someone new, you never know who's going to become an indispensable person in your life, who's going to make you laugh and who's going to make you the best cupcakes on the planet.

Speak soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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Shopping for your Shape

Hello I'm Clo!

Recently I've been concerned about my body hang ups, I've now realised that a lot of the clothes I wear, or would like to wear, simply won't flatter or enhance my natural shape, what I was born with.

There are some things in life we can change: our name, our foundation or our diet. There are also things we can't change, such as bone structure.

I was naturally born with a fuller bottom half in comparison to my upper body. I've longed for years to be able to wear body on dresses and have thin legs that are long and gorgeously 'Victorias Secret' model esque and no matter how hard I try, I will never have stick thin legs as I have big hips and a big booty. If I was to have thin legs I'd just look ridiculous. 

Friday Favorites November Week 1

Hello I'm Clo! 

"Effortlessly classic with a modern girl, youthful twist."

The Break-Up Brogues

Hello I'm Clo!


"Life is just too short to not have fabulous shoes"

*This post has sat in my draft box for a while! I am now calm, collected and alright still. 
Me and my ex-boyfriend are fine, we're friends and all is right in my world. Onwards and upwards.

After my boyfriend dumped me (Boo-hoo!) there was only one thing I could do; Go home and cry to mama Tomalin and shop for new shoes. The latter came as an accident, but really helped in a weird girly cliche way.

I decided to book train tickets home after my ex-boyfriend ended our relationship, as sometimes you just need to let shit calm down and have a change of scenery. I decided to spend 5 days at home and work, catchup / bitch about him with friends and listen to other people's shit in order to get over my own problems, this strategy worked a treat.

Coffee Lover Lifestyle

Hello I'm Clo!

"It's Autumn!"

With the turn of the season to Autumn comes new colours, new clothes and a whole new vibe. The trees are changing, the weather is wets and windy and we all feel we need a hot beverage to perk us up every now and again so we don't get the Autumn/ Winter blues.

Starbucks, Costa and Cafe Nero have all this month released their Autumn/ Winter special drinks and this week I've been loving the White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks, I have the soya version which makes it even whiter, frothier (Is that even a word?) and lovelier!

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Saving for the Future

Hello I'm Clo!

" You never know what's around the corner "

Last week it occurred to me whilst watching 'Love, Rosie.' Read Review Here that in life we're never prepared for situations like we'd like to be and more often than not we wish we'd have been more prepared. I suddenly became concerned that at any point life could change, be it a good or a bad change, but I need to be a little more responsible and a little more prepared.

Love, Rosie Film Review

Hello I'm Clo!

"The epitome of teenage crushes, friendships and modern day problems!"

Last week I went to see 'Love, Rosie' It is honestly one of the best films I've ever seen. It's the epitome of teenage crushes, friendships and modern day problems! It's an alternative teen rom-com story that's heart warming, funny and a true look at how life is. It made me feel the same way 'The Vow' does. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have recommended it to all my girlfriends, I say grab your best girlfriends, some chocolate and head on down to your local cinema.

Watch the trailer here:

5 Item Simple Sunday Make-Up

Hello I'm Clo!

"Instantly added a little more colour to your face."

Sometimes on a Sunday, I find I want to go out and be presentable to the world, without making much effort ( Lazy Sundays all- don't judge, haha

I often use this make up recipe on a lazy day or Sunday when I'm bound to bump into people or want a little personal pick me up. It's quick, easy and requires minimal thinking and effort: great also for students in a rush! 

Pop Art Themed Glossy Box

Hello I'm Clo!

"Glossy Box was an abundance of pretty products and a lovely inviting smell."


First and foremost my apologies, I have only just got my hands on the October, Pop Art Glossy Box after Glossy Box delivered it to my old address despite me changing it 15 days before delivery. I have contacted them multiple times since via email, I am Still awaiting a response, I'm really disappointed in their lack of communication and will be seriously re-thinking my subscription when it comes up for renewal.

Now onto more positive stuff!