The Perfect Little Red Dress

Hello I'm Clo!

" I saw it and thought 'Wow!'"

A few posts ago I spoke of dress shopping (See Here) and how I wanted to have parts of each dress I tried on and roll them into one. 

I then found the perfect dress that I saw and thought 'Wow' it was the right shape and in a lovely colour. When I first spotted it In Next, I was short on time so I went back the following day to try it on.

I knew I wanted to buy it before I'd even tried it on. I love the simplicity and the possibility of the dress. It's a great shape for my body. The skirt flows over my wide hips and chunky thighs yet nips in around the waist. The V neck also suits my top half shape and shows off a little cleavage. Plunge bra at the ready.
This neckline requires a delicate, small necklace to 'Finish' the look. Please ignore the shoes, they're not mine, I borrowed them to see about height my goodness they were uncomfortable! I don't know about you but do you ever worry about the shortness of a dress when you go from flats to heels? Perhaps it's just me? I always try and try dresses on with flats and heels just to made sure the length is ok.

Next don't currently sell this style online as it's an in-store only product. It's within their Christmas displays, so should be easy enough to find!

The V neck back matches the front and really does give an all over feminine feel. I felt really girly in this dress, it's a feel good dress and a bank account friendly dress as it comes in bang on £40.

I don't yet have an occasion to wear this dress, but as I mentioned in my previous fashion post I'm buying when I see something I want, that suits and flatters my shape. Basically I'm being super prepared! This beautiful red dress would be great over the festive / Christmas period or as an evening dress.

The dress is on stand by for the right occasion! But until then, it will have pride of place in my wardrobe!

Speak soon,
Lots of love,

Clo : -))

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