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Lifestyle: Last Minute Life Update

It's nearly the end of the year and I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to the New Year celebrations. I'm spending my New Years Eve in London watching the fireworks and no doubt complaining about how cold it is.

December has been a very funny, hectic month full of lots of different emotions. I finished my first term at uni and wore thee most embarrassing jumper to the Christmas drinks perhaps in the history of Christmas jumpers. I then came home for two weeks to work and spend time with family.

Work was a blur of painting, building work and long days of white walls. Our Christmas was non existent due to my Grandmother being taken to hospital in an ambulance and since then we've been trying to find her a care home to go to where she will be safe and looked after round the clock.

I didn't manage to see as many friends as I'd have liked to this holiday and I guess I've also had the harsh realisation that people move on, change and that not all friendships last the test of time or distance. Speaking of distance, I managed to go through an entire dinner with my ex-boyfriend without crying (I cracked when he dropped me home, I cried and called him a shit head as I stumbled out the car. Classic girl moment.)

Make Up: 2014 Favorites


This year I've discovered some really great products that I now simply can't live without. My favorite brands have by far been Mac and Number 7. Both have a great reputation and give good return on investment.

I've learnt a lot about make up this year, I'm now a fully qualified make up artist too. It's been a busy make up year that included a splurge in ELF Studio New York and of course a major shopping spree in Mac in Times Square. Since returning to the UK I haven't bought a single piece of make up.

In 2015 I intend to review more and try more without buying more! (We'll see how that goes!) Perhaps I'll bring 'Make Up Monday' back.

Here are some of my favorite make up pieces from 2014. I'll revisit these in 2015 to see whether I'm still loving them!

Lifestyle: Down Time


‘Hardworking’ is one of my characteristics, one I’m very proud of. It’s a positive characteristic however, at times it can be an exhausting one to uphold.
With the work / life/ uni life balance, it gets to a point where there’s a little too much on my plate and I go into what I call ‘Burn Out.’ I basically feel sad for no reason, have no inclination to do anything, go anywhere and basically have the sense of boredom, despite the fact I probably have a ‘To Do’ list as long as my arm . That, right there lies the problem.
    I don’t take enough time for myself and it takes me these ‘Burn outs’ to realize that.
I’m a passionate person and like to get right on into a project and as my life is mainly around fashion, beauty, make up or life presentation It’s sometimes hard to switch off and realizing I’m overworking myself. I’m ultimately confusing work, with pleasure and sometimes the body needs a rest, as does the brain.
Sitting back and doing nothing is not my forte. If I lie awake at night for more than an hour I get up and do work as I’m conscious that my life is slipping bye. So downtime is something I’ve always found quite difficult, especially on my own, when I don’t have anyone to directly distract me. That’s where my friends Warner Bros, Lions Gate and Pathe come in. Films. Films are not only a great source of entertainment but a wonderful way to learn new things and gain knowledge without thinking or doing, ergo: not a waste of time.
There’s something so relaxing about getting into comfy clothes and into bed with a nice hot chocolate and a biscuit to watch a film. The real world slips bye as you escape into this new ideal, fantasy or literal whole new world. Films are a great sense of escapism and if you’re like me, you may want to try taking a break a little more often. Taking a few hours out de-stresses me and allows me to recharge my batteries, as the last thing I need is a ‘start life’ crisis as the grand old age of 20.

Christmas: My Christmas 2014

This year was by far the worst Christmas we have ever had. What an opening line.

Since getting back from Uni I’ve been at work where we’re having a full refurb (Walls down, paint up, the works) It’s been a stressful period, then my Uncle passed away and then my grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s started to ‘see people’ that weren’t there and watch things ‘levitate’ basically, she went mental and we ended up with her in hospital on Christmas Day until 4 am on Boxing Day morning; Sleep deprived, confused and fed up and that was only me.

Lifestyle: Running Around London

'A pick and mix of cultures.'

After recently moving to London, I've discovered there is a never ending list of things to see and do in the capital.

Another thing I've learnt about London, is that it has people from every parts of the globe and people from completely different cultural backgrounds. London is a great place to make new friends.

I've recently met lots of new friends from all over the world who are teaching me about their cultures and ways of life, it's enriching and insightful.

Coming to a new city has bought out the best in me, I'm learning so much and realising that no matter where we are, we should be more open to random friendships as friendships appear in the oddest places.

A smile needs no translation and being more happy, positive and personable may just surprise you. It makes you feel great and opens up so many new doors.

Thanks to all my new friends for welcoming me into your lives and allowing me to share mine with you.

Love Clo :)

Uni: Time To Go Home

Hello, I'm Clo!

I've finished my last time tabled fashion management and marketing lecture of my first term at university today! It's been a full on 12 weeks, which has seemed to have, flown by. I've managed to fit lots into my first term at Uni and can't wait to do a series of university 'How To' next year for the fresher’s of 2015/16.

December is always a slow month of blogging for me as I get ready for the New Year and focus on what I want to write about and where I want the blog to go. I've already started writing for 2015 in order to help myself get better prepared and give you guys more continuous content. Hence why I haven't been blabbing all that much this December, prepare yourselves, It’s coming.

I'm now well into the Christmas spirit, which is odd as I haven't been known for my Christmas spirit in previous years. I think perhaps this year is different because I'm away now living away from home and can’t pop back every weekend, so I'm looking forward to going home and spending time with loved ones and family and eating lots of mince pies!

Beauty: November Glossy Box

In essence, it was an empty box this month that lacked excitement and thrill that us beauty lovers expect with a monthly beauty box.

This box re-enforced my decision to stop my Glossy Box monthly beauty box subscription. I no longer feel like I'm getting value for money each and every month. Some months have been amazing but others lack substance and exciting products.

I'm not going to say I'll never pick up my subscription again, but when I'm more excited to use the Glossy Box box instead of the beauty, hair and make up products inside, I know there is a fundamental issue and no 'Glossy' box (Excuse the pun) is going to cut it for a payment of £13 per month.

Lifestyle: Christmas Wish List

Christmas is coming up (Just to give you a heads up if you were until now, unaware.) My parents don't know what to get me as a gift. I'm not one for gifts, I find it quite awkward getting gifts, it's just something I don't enjoy (I'm weird, I know.) So when Christmas rolls around my parents appreciate a little list of things I'm interested in getting.

This year it's all about the books, the storage and accessories. Now that I'm really refining my wardrobe I don't need things just for the sake of it so, I gave my list a lot of thought.

Fashion: Black Friday At GAP

Rushing towards the Natural History Museum in London yesterday, I stumbled a little when I saw the GAP 40% off everything Black Friday sign. I couldn't resist the temptation and despite being already late, I popped into the Kensington GAP for a little look. 

It's a real pleasure I typically find to shop in a GAP store. Well laid out, easy to browse and complete with pleasant staff who are willing to give you a hand finding your size or colour.  Breezing in I spotted two Items that I immediately desired for my new 'Woman' wardrobe. (I'm 19 now, I need to dress like my shape, not like a teenage boy.) Suddenly conscious of the time, I hastily checked that my sizes were available and well stocked, so I could come back later and pick them up.


When I went back to GAP I bought two tank fit and flare dresses in size UK 10, US 6 and an everyday basic long sleeve navy blue t-shirt in a Small £9.95, Sale price £5.97. Throwing the dresses over my vest and jeans to double check sizes and I was ready to buy! The total bill came to £117 but with my 40% discount, came down to £71 a great buy.