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‘Hardworking’ is one of my characteristics, one I’m very proud of. It’s a positive characteristic however, at times it can be an exhausting one to uphold.
With the work / life/ uni life balance, it gets to a point where there’s a little too much on my plate and I go into what I call ‘Burn Out.’ I basically feel sad for no reason, have no inclination to do anything, go anywhere and basically have the sense of boredom, despite the fact I probably have a ‘To Do’ list as long as my arm . That, right there lies the problem.
    I don’t take enough time for myself and it takes me these ‘Burn outs’ to realize that.
I’m a passionate person and like to get right on into a project and as my life is mainly around fashion, beauty, make up or life presentation It’s sometimes hard to switch off and realizing I’m overworking myself. I’m ultimately confusing work, with pleasure and sometimes the body needs a rest, as does the brain.
Sitting back and doing nothing is not my forte. If I lie awake at night for more than an hour I get up and do work as I’m conscious that my life is slipping bye. So downtime is something I’ve always found quite difficult, especially on my own, when I don’t have anyone to directly distract me. That’s where my friends Warner Bros, Lions Gate and Pathe come in. Films. Films are not only a great source of entertainment but a wonderful way to learn new things and gain knowledge without thinking or doing, ergo: not a waste of time.
There’s something so relaxing about getting into comfy clothes and into bed with a nice hot chocolate and a biscuit to watch a film. The real world slips bye as you escape into this new ideal, fantasy or literal whole new world. Films are a great sense of escapism and if you’re like me, you may want to try taking a break a little more often. Taking a few hours out de-stresses me and allows me to recharge my batteries, as the last thing I need is a ‘start life’ crisis as the grand old age of 20.

Films are so accessible. It’s not like some unusual, inaccessible hobby no one has ever heard of. Films can be streamed, downloaded and watched anywhere on the go, via tablets or iphones. As I’m in uni halls I’m now working my way through the universities’ impressive offering of old documentaries, movies and tv shows, as I’ve previously mentioned I annihilated seasons 1,2 and 3 of Downton Abbey in less than three weeks.
Give ‘down time’ with a  movie a go, you might find you enjoy it and perhaps even learn something new. 

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