Lifestyle: Running Around London

'A pick and mix of cultures.'

After recently moving to London, I've discovered there is a never ending list of things to see and do in the capital.

Another thing I've learnt about London, is that it has people from every parts of the globe and people from completely different cultural backgrounds. London is a great place to make new friends.

I've recently met lots of new friends from all over the world who are teaching me about their cultures and ways of life, it's enriching and insightful.

Coming to a new city has bought out the best in me, I'm learning so much and realising that no matter where we are, we should be more open to random friendships as friendships appear in the oddest places.

A smile needs no translation and being more happy, positive and personable may just surprise you. It makes you feel great and opens up so many new doors.

Thanks to all my new friends for welcoming me into your lives and allowing me to share mine with you.

Love Clo :)

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