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Eudon Choi: Autumn Winter 2015 LFW

Eudon Choi

Autumn Winter 2015
12:30pm British Fashion Council Courtyard Space
Devetta PR

J JS Lee: Autumn Winter 2015 LFW

J JS Lee LFW Show

Autumn Winter 15 Collection
9:30am British Fashion Council Courtyard Show Space
Modus Publicity

Bora Aksu: Autumn Winter 2015 LFW

Bora Aksu

Autumn Winter 2015
Friday 1:30 British Fashion Council Courtyard
Ant Waller PR

The down side of perfection.

With the biannual Fashion Weeks now fully underway, this stunning and emotive collection of photographs from Hannah Altman couldn't not come at a more appropriate time. These images make me question why we have allowed this to become 'Normal.'

5 Worst American Apparel Advertisements

Last week I wrote about how Paula Schneider, the new CEO of American Apparel is shaking things up, shutting the previously open legs of campaign models and giving American Apparel an all new ‘Wholesome’ image.

Lets be frank. Previous American Apparel campaigns have looked like they’re been lifted from the ‘Amateur’ pages of Porn Hub. They’ve had a touch of the Terry Richardson’s about them. American Apparel’s campaigns really did go too far, being repeatedly banned both here, in the UK and in the USA. However, it’s surprising all these ‘Saucy’ and ‘Smutty’ ads were allowed to be produced, let alone be forced upon us consumers, who were only too quickly trying to avert our eyes. 

American Apparel: Revamping The Slutty Image

This month sees the appointment of Paula Schneider as the new CEO of American Apparel, replacing her predecessor Dov Charney, who started the basic all American clothing retailer back in 1989.
To the applause of many, Schneider has started as she means to go on. In a statement, Schneider announced her plans to ‘Revamp the slutty Image of American Apparel.’ And instead ‘Uphold an edgy vibe.