American Apparel: Revamping The Slutty Image

This month sees the appointment of Paula Schneider as the new CEO of American Apparel, replacing her predecessor Dov Charney, who started the basic all American clothing retailer back in 1989.
To the applause of many, Schneider has started as she means to go on. In a statement, Schneider announced her plans to ‘Revamp the slutty Image of American Apparel.’ And instead ‘Uphold an edgy vibe.

American Apparel state that they’re ‘Classic, ageless, clothing and accessories that are made in the USA.’ However, their widespread advertising over the past few years has connoted anything but a classic, wholesome American image. Their media campaigns have faced serious backlash and sparked public outraged. This negative view of the ‘Classic, basic brand’ has, without a doubt had a part to play in the new CEO shake up. 

Schneider will no longer be taking the nipple out, skirts up and flash the trash approach to marketing clothing for the American teenager. Instead, the focus will be on the brand’s edgy range of basics and their ‘Made In America’ point of difference.  Basically, it’ll be more about selling clothes than selling ‘Sexy’.

Getting American Apparel’s visual image and branding back on track won’t be the hard part. Convincing the world that American Apparel will not steal your daughters’ virtue will be the hard part. No one will forget those crotch shots too easily.

It appears that American Apparel’s advertising legs are now firmly closed, for that type of business.

I’ll be watching Paula Schneider with interest as will, no doubt, the rest of the fashion and advertising industry. Let the slutty image revamp commence! 

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Fashion Post by Chloe Tomalin

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