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Uni's Easter Charity Bake Sale

University decided that to celebrate Easter Fashion Management and Marketing students (i.e me and my classmates) would ‘Bake and bond’ with some of our classmates and hold a bake sale to raise money for charity. 

Being in a dynamic, fun loving, creative group; we went all out with some delicious Easter themed cupcakes, chocolate cluster spring cakes and of course decorated our stand with all things Easter: Balloons, confetti and mini fluffy chicks.

5 Things to do on a Quiet Weekend

1.Clear down emails 

We all get bogged down with emails and before you know it your inbox is overflowing with things you never signed up for in the first place. Use quiet weekend downtime to go through them: delete and unsubscribe, It’ll help reduce the stress you find mid week with a bulging inbox. A simple step to make life easier. 

2.Make plans for the week ahead

Just because your weekend is quiet, doesn’t mean your week has to be. Call friends: arrange that cinema trip, that round of drinks or a day shopping. Making plans is good, you’ll have something to look forward to.

Primrose Bakery Covent Garden, London

Feeling peckish, post Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A in South Kensington, my friend Dylan and I jumped on the London Underground to Covent Garden; to check out and eat in the renown Primrose Bakery, just off the central area of Covent Garden’s square.

The yellow fascia of the building beamed happy sunshine (Pretty much the theme of Primrose Bakery.) and the warm pre-welcome colour continued in store. We were served by a super assertive lady with awesome black-rimmed glasses (I forgot to get her name, poor journalism!)

Jack Wills S/S 15

Prep chic, casual cool. Jack Wills’ Neon pink lights grab your attention from a mile away, and if that doesn’t capture your attention, the quirky visuals in their window displays will.

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty In Quotes

Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A is now on. I attended on Monday and was completely captivated by the exhibition. The curation was magnificent and the words sublime. The clothing spoke volumes about McQueen’s inspirations, aspirations and interests. Unfortunately, no photography was aloud, so until I’ve perfected my written review, here are some quotes from the Savage Beauty exhibition.

Mollie King's Oasis Edit SS15

The Saturday’s Singer Mollie King has this week unveiled her third season high street edit for Spring Summer 2015 with high street womenswear retailer Oasis. The Loved By Mollie collection sees Mollie select 15 pieces for her edit collection with the popular womenswear brand.

Growing Up and Goodbye.

Growing Up

Hello! It’s been a long time, I know.

After much consideration, I’m moving to a new blog. I feel I’ve outgrown ‘Hello I’m Clo’ and feel it’s time for a change and a new challenge.

Hello I’m Clo’ started two years ago and since then I’ve discussed everything; from mascaras to biscuits; death, bad boyfriends, acne, eczema and pretty much everything in-between. I’ve been exceptionally open and honest and I’m proud to now be able to look back on that stage of my life through my blog.

My new blog is called Red Lips and Classics where I’m writing about fashion and beauty – all grown up.

This isn’t the end of an era, it’s a start of a new chapter.

Thank you to all of you, for following me on this part of my journey, here’s to more, now grown up adventures.

If you’d like to follow my new journey follow via Blog Lovin’ here.

Lots of love, for the last time on this blog.

Clo : )

Hardys Original Sweet Shop, London

Whilst strolling through St Pauls, London on Saturday I stumbled across the old sweet shop, Hardys. Hardys window displays are amazing and I can’t believe I missed them before now, they’re showstoppers: bright, bold and full of colour. They’ll sure lighten up London on a grey day.

Emma Willis' Venus Shaving Campaign

Presenter Emma Willis has been announce this week as the new face and celebrity ambassador of the women’s shaving beauty brand Venus. Emma 39, is a great choice for the brand; for her positive personality, familiar face and a relatable, accessible and realistically toned body.

Emma is a great representation of how many British women look and as a British woman; I appreciate seeing someone ‘Normal’ sized representing a brand. I’m not faced with unrealistic body ideas.

Whistles S/S 15

Last week at University, A member of the Whistles team came in to chat about visual displays and mannequin styling. Intrigued to find out more, I headed into London on my free day to check out a Whistles store in action!

Melissa X Gareth Pugh Shoe Exhibition

The Melissa X Gareth Pugh exhibition wasn’t on my itinerary, but taking photos at Burberry Covent Garden, next door to the Melissa store was. Never one to miss an opportunity, I went to see what Melissa had on showcase; the presentation was above and beyond what I expected: Light shows, futuristic fashion and flying shoes.

Scarcity Waste Sustainability Exhibition, Somerset House


Scarcity Waste- Syngenta Photography Award; Exploring global changes. Free London exhibition


11th March - 10th April 2015


East Wing Galleries, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R1LA

Menswear Tailoring Moodboard

Nothing beats the satisfaction and pleasure in getting my hands dirty and gluing and sticking in order to communicate ideas. Mood boards are my thing, I’ve scrapbooks on all sorts back home, that always come in handy when I need a reference. So I jumped at the opportunity to brainstorm ideas on a mood board for part of my last university project.

Menswear was the focus, more precisely tailoring and smart casual attire. I thought about not just the end Men’s product, but the look, feel, quality and creation of the product; what type of man would buy these items and how would he buy them.

The 'In Store' Experience

Since my first retail orientation trip to London, for university I've been captivated by the world of retail. I've had jobs in retail, in small independent boutiques who've taught me lots about  how they've made do and mended their visual merchandising props season after season due to tight budgets and lack of inspiration or expertise.

Seeing what the 'Big Boys' of retail do to attract people into their stores to buy their clothing, shoes and accessories really grabs my interest and shows the other side of the story from small independent retailers. Since that first orientation trip, I've wanted to learn more, develop my skills, so that I can share my experiences back home over the summer with those same boutiques that helped me start learning in the first place; Giving something back.

Invitation Strictly Personal Exhibition


Invitation Strictly Personal. Free, small London fashion exhibition


16th February - 22nd March 2015


Great Arch Hall, South Wing, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R1LA

Somerset House Beard Exhibition


Beard; Free London fashion exhibition


5th-29th March 2015


Terrace Rooms, South Wing, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R1LA

Lily Allen for House Of Holland Eyewear

Lily Allen has been unveiled as the new celebrity model of Henry Holland’s Spring Summer 2015 House Of Holland eyewear collection.