5 Things to do on a Quiet Weekend

1.Clear down emails 

We all get bogged down with emails and before you know it your inbox is overflowing with things you never signed up for in the first place. Use quiet weekend downtime to go through them: delete and unsubscribe, It’ll help reduce the stress you find mid week with a bulging inbox. A simple step to make life easier. 

2.Make plans for the week ahead

Just because your weekend is quiet, doesn’t mean your week has to be. Call friends: arrange that cinema trip, that round of drinks or a day shopping. Making plans is good, you’ll have something to look forward to.

3.Read the newspaper you haven’t yet had a chance to read, or pick up the magazine you’ve been wanted to have a read through. 

I’m a sucker for the free Evening Standard, yet I never get around to reading it until the information is out of date! I love quiet, lazy Sundays where I can read the newspaper, finish my half read magazines and keep up to date with the latest periodical as appose to last months!

4.Make great coffee or have an earl grey tea. 

Relax, sit in bed and enjoy the quiet. We underestimate downtime, but downtime is great; if yoga or meditation is your thing you could do that too, but for those just wanting a few moments rest bite and alone time, get yourself a cup of your favourite brew and just chill for a little while. Peace and harmony and all that.

5.Sort dirty washing out

Granted, not thee most exciting thing to do on a weekend but you’ll thank yourself mid week when your favourite jeans are freshly washed and ready to wear. Planning ahead saves time and anxiety, It also means you don’t need to panic because you’ve run out of clean knickers (We’ve all been there.)

I’m now back at home for the holiday so I’m relaxing, reading and sorting my old clothes out to be sent off to charity. Nothing beats a chilled, productive weekend. 

Have a great weekend.

*There are no images in today's post as I have a new computer! 
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