Emma Willis' Venus Shaving Campaign

Presenter Emma Willis has been announce this week as the new face and celebrity ambassador of the women’s shaving beauty brand Venus. Emma 39, is a great choice for the brand; for her positive personality, familiar face and a relatable, accessible and realistically toned body.

Emma is a great representation of how many British women look and as a British woman; I appreciate seeing someone ‘Normal’ sized representing a brand. I’m not faced with unrealistic body ideas.

Venus chose Emma to front their new ‘Use Your And’ campaign, where they ask women to ‘Use their and’ i.e I’m a daughter, great friend, runner and cupcake maker.

The 'Use Your And' campaign wants to inspire women and girls to use the word AND instead of OR in order to celebrate the many different qualities that make us all unique. Showing women can be more than one thing and look and feel amazing too.

Venus describe Emma as a great example of a modern woman who has unleashed her potential.  Venus encourage you to unleash yours too.

The campaign images show Emma in casual shorts, a cami dress, evening dress all shot by photographer Matt Holyoak.

The use your and campaign has also been endorsed by mega-vlogger Tanya Burr.

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