Hardys Original Sweet Shop, London

Whilst strolling through St Pauls, London on Saturday I stumbled across the old sweet shop, Hardys. Hardys window displays are amazing and I can’t believe I missed them before now, they’re showstoppers: bright, bold and full of colour. They’ll sure lighten up London on a grey day.

Hardys have taken a fun product (Sweets) and made it sweeter and fun-er. 3D Sweetness hangs from the ceiling: Sherbet fountain, toxic waste, love hearts and other old favorites bring this window to a new dimension, that grabs the attention of passers by as well as those sat on the Big Bus London tours at the stop opposite.

Description on their website:  ‘Hardys never forgot the magic of the great British sweetshop. Shelves groaning with jar upon jar of delights, the joy of old favorites and the thrill of finding something new and scrumptious among the abundance of varieties on offer.’ And they’ve really stuck to those values. The shop shelves are stocked high with sweets, chocolates and American candy, the ceiling even has flying, flying saucers.

It’s lovely to see a shop with its own personality and heritage. So if you’re in the St Pauls area of London, pop in for a bag of sweetness, a pick and mix or an ounce of sugar!

To see more details on Hardys click here

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