Invitation Strictly Personal Exhibition


Invitation Strictly Personal. Free, small London fashion exhibition


16th February - 22nd March 2015


Great Arch Hall, South Wing, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R1LA

'Invitation Strictly Personal is a fascinating insight into the ephemera associated with the catwalk show. Objects displayed range from invitations dating from 1961, in the main from the collection of Iain R Webb, to notes and sketches made by Webb from the front row critiquing the garments. Harking back to the pre-digital age where journalists’ reportage of shows was the only way to see images and gain opinions of the collections, this exhibition gives a truly intimate and fascinating insight into one journalist’s experience of attending catwalk shows throughout his career. '

Invitation Strictly Personal is a slight exhibition full of life in the Great Arch Room, Somerset House. It houses a vast collection of fashion catwalk show invitations, novelty items and sketches from fashion shows pre-livestream and websites.

It's not what I expected, I'll tell you that. The fashion exhibition was a mix of colours, themes and genres and really highlighted the vast difference between designers and eras.

The sketches are well worth going to see, it's crazy to thing years ago people would sketch instead of their iPhone in order to record the latest trends. How times change.

It'll only take about 20 minutes to go around so Ideal if you're around the Charring Cross / Covent Garden area. For fashion students especially: Art, Graphics, Marketing and Management this exhibition is a great source of inspiration for the future and understanding from the past.
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