Jack Wills S/S 15

Prep chic, casual cool. Jack Wills’ Neon pink lights grab your attention from a mile away, and if that doesn’t capture your attention, the quirky visuals in their window displays will.

I visited one of the London stores, the one only a stones throw away from Liberty’s, off Carnaby Street (Can’t, for the life of me remember the street name.) On a very quiet Monday afternoon.

There’s something quite comforting about a Jack Wills store. It’s comfortable, warm and visually enticing. Jack Wills has got heart. They care about the experience as much as the clothing and that is a truly great creative recipe. Their stores take you on a fabulously British journey, a journey designed for under graduates and prep school-ers alike.

The rustic familiarity is present in every store, be it Salcombe or Birmingham. Actually, each Jack Wills store is visually the same: Quirky, kooky, full of energy and old school frames, but each space is different in terms of size, levels and height. Jack Wills have created a treasure trove of quintessentially British ideas and mashed them together to create something that’s identifiable and transcendent of location; which for this brand is a very good thing.

The ad-hock exposed brick and cement patches are broken up, by wooden wardrobes, oak paneling and the iconic pink and blue stripe print. Books seamlessly slot into the wardrobes white space, along with polaroids and bird cages.

Overall, Jack wills have a really cohesive, continuous and strong brand visual message. There visual merchandising brings their lifestyle to life and gives their clothes further Identity.  For instance; the pastel collection for S/S 15 is displayed on bent pipes and PE changing room esque railings, the pastel shirts and patterned blouses ooze grace and style with their spacious hanging and eye-popping colorings and the uncluttered, smooth background.

Stripes are staying on the walls this season for Jack Wills, as their Spring Summer 2015 collection focuses more on summer blooms and pastel hues.

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