Melissa X Gareth Pugh Shoe Exhibition

The Melissa X Gareth Pugh exhibition wasn’t on my itinerary, but taking photos at Burberry Covent Garden, next door to the Melissa store was. Never one to miss an opportunity, I went to see what Melissa had on showcase; the presentation was above and beyond what I expected: Light shows, futuristic fashion and flying shoes.

Melissa are celebrating their favourite designers and their creations and collaborations with the Melissa footwear brand designers included: Karl Lagerfeld, Viviane Westwood and Gareth Pugh.

Walking into the Melissa store, a mannequin faces forward with a beaming light show behind. The tech aspect continues throughout the exhibition as lights, movement and technology guide you around. Ipads are on hand to inform you of information, a step beyond the age old placard, and art and culture lead books are available to flick through, again bringing in an interactive aspect to the showcase.

The one thing to know about the Melissa X Gareth Pugh exhibition is that it’s held in the Covent Garden Melissa store. Museum-meets-shop with this entrancing blur of information, tech and commerce. Following the LSN trend of Convergence Economy (Mixing two things that don’t naturally go together in one space.)

The Melissa store shop fittings are futuristic to match the lighting and are mostly block white in colour; using mirrors, reflective surfaces and the light streams as colour accents. Shoes are displayed on plinths, ceilings (Moving) and within the wall (Similar to Kurt Geiger.)

Overall the shoes do the talking. The white space and ambiance builds up the tension, but the shoe collection is the main attraction.  It’s well worth a look and you’re in the area. It’s something different and not what you’d expect of a footwear retailer. But if the shoe fits…

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